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35.8 Tina’s Colors and Round Robin unexpectedly finished

June 29, 2014

Let me preface this post first and foremost in saying this is not meant to complain about my round robin experience. Just in case you get the wrong idea later.

One of the BEST things about quilting is the differences you meet in styles.

I have yet to ‘really ever use’ a focus fabric, much less several, in determining a quilting color relationship.

Perhaps this makes my quilting color choices less successful than others.

Tina has 2 different but very similar focus fabrics.  She included wonderful fabrics in her round robin box in addition to the focus fabrics. A light yellow, a light pink, an olive green/brown tinted fabric, and the focus fabrics.

tinas fabrics

Daisy, being the first recipient of the round robin included a fabric that has a hint of grey.

The original block was a cute little paper piecing/applique (in portions) of a sewing machine, and a project being quilted.

tinas original center block

Daisy added a border (no spoilers except for the fabric had a hint of grey).

And my task is to add about a 4 inch pieced border that matches & frames the quilt so far.

These fabrics are so much fun, but they are just slightly different than the fabrics that I have in my stash.  I have been picking & pulling fabric off of my shelf, putting them next to Tina’s box, her start of her quilt, and her chosen fabrics.

Tina’s fabrics are great, but I am finding it a challenge and a blast to see if I can add to the quilt with fabrics of my own.

And yes, I know it did turn out well in the end. I trusted myself enough for that, and I did make a finish on my portion and I am so in love with it so far.

What I love about this project is that even if my fabrics are more saturated than Tina’s, that I can either find fabrics I own that match her style, or I can purchase a few other pieces to match the fabrics in this quilt project as well.

I did purchase 3 different fabrics of the same color scheme/design, one yellow, one grey, and one turquoise. It was a WONDERFUL excuse to get some more modern style fabric from a quilting friend Caitlyn at her very new shop “I Don’t Do Dishes“.  3 fabrics from that shop are in this quilt. :)

Here is the first small snippet.

darlas fabrics used in tinas quilt

It’s been very fun trying to match & compare the colors of what I have, seeing what concessions could be made, seeing how subtle the differences in olive green can be.

I have been playing around a version of borders from Judy Laquidara’s border book. It’s larger than the specified pieced border, but it is very Darla-like. And very symmetrical. So I am using it.

I am dreaming of windows when thinking of this border. Like what you would look through when sewing. I had another idea, but this one kept coming back to me. Windows. Is a generic hint about the border.

Here is some of my sketch made this morning trying to fit everything together. VERY small snippet here, too much farther away gives the border away.

sketch tinas small snippets

I decided to make the darker color grey to tie in with Daisy’s border instead of going with the dark brown suggested by the focus fabrics. But it’s the right shade of grey.

It’s very dark, but the darkness is pretty narrow. I used all 3 values in this border, and I had to repeat a motif in the middle of the top & bottom borders to get it to fit exactly.

Here’s an in-progress shot from this afternoon. Also a very small snippet.

small snippet of tinas fabrics in process

I started off this AM thinking of putting animals through the windows, not knowing when I would work on it. But today I decided to move on against the idea of animals, I got the whole border is completed today, not wanting to make any more decisions on this portion of the quilt.

Progress helped along with a great audiobook in the background.

Now I just have to finish writing in the journal. And send it off when ready. I can’t believe I am ready early. I am SO ready to be done with the 1 month due-dates and to slip back to the 2 month due-dates. Now that we are caught up with the 5 person group, that will happen. But then it will be put off until 2 weeks to go as well, because that’s how it is with me.

I mistakenly thought this was going to be a short, quick, easy round, and I do like what I did, and it was basically done in one day, but there are a lot of pieces here and so now back to my other projects. The lots of pieces are a main reason I decided to skip the animals, there is already SO much to look at on my round.

Sorry I can’t show much more here. I do hope Tina will like it and that it doesn’t detract the eyes too far away from the other parts. I may send along the dark grey fabric to help complete the quilt, but first I need to make absolutely sure I don’t need it in another project or that I can get my hands on more of it easily in case I do.


35.3 Starting to plan Dancing Ribbons Options

June 7, 2014

The quilt that has been finished f or a while – I recorded the end of January of 2013, is playing up in my mind for updating with a medallion setting.

I haven’t got incredibly far with options for this quilt, but I am thinking a couple of things already.

First I have a psuedo-star option which I like – don’t worry about the fabrics being a little busy, I will take care of that later if I chose this option.

dancing ribbons medallion choice1

I may need to go in and edit this block a little bit to make it more intricate. I don’t really like the off-balance I am attempting to do with the light & dark of the magenta, purple, and turquoise in the corners, but I think this may play off well with the alternating blues on the edges.

I do like this next design as well, which sorta mocks the dahlia look of the center ribbons quilt.

dancing ribbons medallion choice2

I like the circular look of the turquoise border, and there is a good color sense for the thin strips against the dark blue background, but maybe the points in the corners are not my favorite either.

The next design to share uses my good old friend applique in addition to piecing. And I haven’t found the right color balance with it either.

dancing ribbons medallion choice3

But it’s kind of cute. A cute way to frame the quilt without going too overboard. And I could always double ring the applique with a lighter or darker frame as a form of a shadow, which could give a different look.

Or I could do this pretty nice balanced block in the corner, but again struggle with how many of each of the 3 colors hit each corner.

dancing ribbons medallion choice4

Something to think about.

What I might do is to do some sort of celtic knot in the corners instead. I have a couple of books on celtic knots, and perhaps that will give me more of the look I am dreaming about for this quilt. Need to research & plan and design & think about it.


In other somewhat related news, my first round of a round robin was sent off to the next person on our round robin today. I am happy with my portion of the block I received and I hope Daisy will be too. Of course when Daisy sees it, it will look completely different than it does now.  I am curious to see what I am getting next, but I am so far, deciding to avoid my “Round Robin Flickr group-A” because I am uncertain if I want to see my block progress or not. DON’T click the above link if you want to see your block and you are in the same group.

In other news there are two other groups as well. Group B & Group C. The idea of this round robin is fun. I hope the other two groups get more pictures up – currently there are only 3 pictures and 6 pictures. I just put my hand on the screen to be able to post the link to group A, so I don’t know for certain if there are more pictures or not, but I know a few weeks ago we had 6 or 7 and I just posted one more (without looking). Hoping to see the progress in the other two groups I am not part of, but it’s slightly early for this round as of this time.

I really liked the inverse of the block I created, it would have also been a really cool applique center of a round robin quilt. See? (sorta) – small snippet only is available for you.

small snippet of inverse of daisy round robin

Was going to post the entire inverse block here, but that would be too revealing to what I actually made. Or it could be. And of course these don’t actually line up, I wasn’t being incredibly accurate when placing them down on the sides of the block as those sections are in actuality on the opposite corners of the quilt.

It’s a darn good thing I have weekends to sew. Not getting a ton done the rest of the week. Having a happy time sewing & designing today!

Take care!


33.9 New Project Limbo

January 21, 2014

I just spent a bunch of time testing something and I am going back to my original methods of posting here.

I am going to see if the pictures from the test work out ok or not. We will see after this posts (a little wary of that right now).

I am in ‘project limbo’. I have a LOT of UFO’s, my new projects aren’t grabbing my attention, but neither are my old projects either.  Here are some samples & some explanations of some things that – yeah, someday I should finish, but currently haven’t ran to get stitching on.


I was cleaning out my basket of UFO’s over the new year, going through & sorting things out. This little quilt-let I found the center with the hearts, birds and flowers all dolled up with my fancy embroidery stitches that I found over on NeedleNThread.  I also saw some of the pre-made pieces that didn’t’ make the original design – the red birds, the center red flower.

Well some weekend in the past 3 I added the green and then outer dark grey border, and elmers glued the extra applique pieces. Last Saturday, I glued & prepared the violet tulip pieces and everything is currently ready to stitch down. But, I have little desire to complete this beyond this. Right now. Perhaps I’ll take this with me & work on it outside of home.

Another thing I worked on during the long week I was sick (finally feeling closer to normal) was the idea of a jeans quilt.


I have a lot of the dark blue, I bought that denim off the bolt, and I have a lot of the medium denim too. I really like the idea of this design, but I don’t think I am as in love with the design for my jeans quilt.

The stained glass feeling from the dark strips are supposed to break up the stiffness of the denim & keep the seams lighter. I have such a narrow stained glass strip that I have decided to paper piece these blocks to get them to look right, and that method is a mistake when it comes to denim – too many seams, too hard to cut down in between the narrow stained glass pieces.

Not that a basic stained glass quilt won’t work with the denim, but not in “this design”. Not now anyway. Or not without modifications.

The last thing I have looked at & found / re-found was a 4 block set I purchased at the local quilt show.


Ok, so I did add the bright orange border on the blocks just today, but I am looking at this, I didn’t make the center block, but I could see this being an interesting base for a round robin quilt.

I’ve never done a round robin quilt. I wonder if I am unstructured enough to be able to enjoy joining a round robin. I think this would be easy for me to “let go” since I didn’t make the center block, but I would love a quilt built around this block.

Coincidentally, there is a round robin that is starting up with our #twilter group on twitter (of which I am a sometimes participant, but sometimes lurk & see all the fun the twitter quilters are having). Maybe that’s a good time to start a project, something I didn’t make myself, I have Judy Laquardia’s book on borders, have created a pinterest board with round robin quilts.

What do you think? Talk me into it? Daisy is hosting and has been chatting w/ me on twitter about joining up.


32.9 Driving to and from SkyVue Lodge in Winslow, Arkansas

November 17, 2013

A week ago I was getting home from a relaxing retreat in Arkansas.

arkansas mountains

We were there about a week or two after the peak leaf-viewing season or so.

Some retreat experiences out of the norm.

On the way, we went to a quilt shop with consignment – Village Quilting in Bentonville, AR.

village quilting consignment area

The ladies had cards they were sending out to the service men & women. So I signed one.

letters to soldiers

And they had a completed small version of the quilt I was SO SURE I wanted to work on at retreat when it turned out that I didn’t have enough fabric (haven’t posted it yet).


And those of you who know me know I would love making that quilt, and I will some day.

The quilt shop lead us to a great local Bentonville cafe, The Station. Yum!


Yummy sandwiches & they serve kolaches (didn’t get one, but kolaches are from my past) & pies. And license plates.


And then we were in Winslow Arkansas at a wonderful bed & breakfast called the Sky-Vue Lodge. Where they go out of their way to be nice, help with bags, feed us well every day & night, love on us, & let us love on them back!

We have our normal sewing room.


With lots of natural light, where we have to play with the window shades in the morning.

We had show & tell somewhere in the middle when I was still awake!! And I was very happy!




And we heard about Moore, OK & El Reno, OK tornadoes a week apart from Kaye (who brought the minibar/shop)


Saw this quilt being put together all weekend.


And this one “sew stinkin’ cute!”


… using a fabric called “cuddle” which is a softer, lighter less textured version of minke fabric. So it was “sew stinkin soft” too.

And there were a few off/road adventures which I readily welcomed as part of my “vacation”.

The arts museum across the street had different items on display.





Complete with yarn bombed poles & trees!


And on Saturday, we adventured to the craft show at the fire station. These handbags I loved & thought about getting.


And this sweet doggie hadn’t really been inside much before.


I bought three knitted hats from the lady who brought the doggie! (pictures on other device)

And on the way back, we went to an inside sale. Basically an ongoing garage sale inside some lady’s house (never been to one before). At the inside sale, we saw a couple of old ruined quilts, one of which was over quilted on a completed quilt.


Beyond repair.

She had pretty linoleum flooring though. Quiltworthy flooring.


Up in the wonderful mountains.


Another top from someone else’s finish!


And we all got T-Shirts from the lady who does the massages who has some form of PT training as well. She apparently knows her stuff and so I am glad to help her advertise with the far-out shirts she gave out!


And here is what I was working on, the King’s Puzzle.



32.8 Preparing for Quilting Retreat

November 6, 2013

Hey all!

I have been busy on the weekends preparing for my now ‘annual’ Arkansas quilting retreat. With an online swap group that doesn’t really talk anymore, and doesn’t really swap anymore either.

But the ladies have been coming for many years and now I have been coming since 2010.

A little sad because the fall’s fearless leader passed away late last fall/winter.  And it will be hard to imagine the retreat w/o her spirit.

But also happy to reconnect with some of the other quilters I have gotten to know over the years.

To prepare I made my own style of pincushion & thread catcher bag.


This doesn’t have stabilizer like I had planned, but oh well it’s just a pincushion bag.

The pincushion is an offset square pincushion.


The name for the pincushion shape is Biscornu and is traditionally done with pretty embroidery/cross stitch patterns on the top.

I used two 5 inch offset squares  to make the pincushion. I stuffed it with walnut shells.

Then went searching around all of creation (aka Kansas city quilt/fabric shops) for the perfect button for the top. I think the resulting button is from Joanns, the last place on my list that day.

I used the tutorial from Merriment Design for the basic bag, self modifying the size of the liner material & outside bag, in addition to adding the Velcro strip to the bag and base.

The base is actually a small square of wood, covered with batting, sewn with a cover (also made with two 5 inch squares).

This would work a tiny bit better with stiff stablilizer sewn just under the top rim of the outside lining.

The Biscornu pincushion sits on the top and provides the weight for the combo even though the actual pincushion is not attached.


Retreat plans (pre-retreat)

For retreat I am going to start ‘two’ new quilts. One I wanted to try to start last year but didn’t like the color values / amount of fabric I had for the color. I am going to retry to start this project up again.

I also am planning to sew the final quilt top together on the hexadaisy plus quilt, the larger, slightly modified version of the small hexadaisy quilt I started this spring.

I have two bindings to attach, one from the strip twist swap blocks from way back in 2010 or so.



This was my first long arm quilt that I only got 3/4 of the way through, and as you can see ‘ol’ blue worked its way to finish the rest of the quilt.

The last section of quilting is not exactly to my liking or standard of the long arm stuff, but at least it is done & just needs a binding.

And a few blocks here & there to work on as leaders / enders – a black version & a white based version.

I had desires to make a twister block pattern I purchased this year, but didn’t have enough fabric for the quilt I wanted to make, even the special dyed fabric I bought for it.

So that fabric will be repurposed and some other time I will make the twister block quilt.

But then this morning (hours before retreat mind you) I was trolling around my own pinterest board this morning & came up with a new variation of a design I have been wanting to do since 2010, a God’s Eye quilt.

Quilters cache has detailed instructions for doing a 20″ God’s Eye block. I had seen the block done w/ HST’s in my 1000 quilt blocks book a long time ago.

So a short time later in EQ7, I created the god’s eye (didn’t see it in the library) & a good alternate block.


If the quilt works out, I’ll consider writing up a pattern for this with HST’s.

The God’s Eye block has a lot of parts to it, but I like it. I know it reminds me of the trumpet block for my Exothermic wonders quilt, but I love the play of these two block sets together.

And with that, I have to commence packing. What’s left is all the extra parts I will need to create these wonderful quilts.

Glad I was able to create the idea for something new.


32.6 We Were Soldiers Special Quilt

October 29, 2013

While in Des Moines, we happened to go to a quilt shop called Creekside Quilting.

In the back room, hanging on the wall was an amazing quilt. I think I say they are all amazing, but this one really moved me.

The quilt was a raffle quilt. One that you pay 1 dollar for a chance to buy, 5 dollars for 6 chances.

This quilt was made BY a vetran, and two other ladies who had connections with vetrans (son/wife I think).

We got to hear about the specialness of the quilt from the quilt’s creator: Valerie Funk.

we were soldiers postcard quilt

You can read all this info on the back of the postcard in a bit, but here are some very cool facts about this quilt.

The four corners of this quilt feature names from all the wars American has fought.  Each corner has a different coat of arms.

The browns & earth tones represent all the ground solders have walked through.

Some of the blocks are camouflage from soldier’s uniforms.

The faceless soldier kneels down to hold the dog tags of a fallen friend represents the emotional scars that follow the surviving soldiers home.

There is a bit of media surrounding this quilt, and the quilt will be auctioned off Veterans’ Day 2013, November 11th.

A website has a video which is not posting as an embedded video here.

There is more information about the quilt from the Des Moines news

And the direct link to the video is below.

The quilt also has a facebook group page.

we weres soldiers postcard info

The email of the quilt creator is the following as what it reads on the postcard:  I am sure she would love to hear how much you are inspired by this quilt.  You may even be able to join in the raffle, but to do that you would need to talk to the quilt’s creator, not to me.

This quilt moved me & made me almost cry learning about it.  It definitely honors our veterans.



32.5 A Few Pictures from the AQS show in Des Moines 2013

October 27, 2013

I have  been slightly hesitant to post pictures of AQS show quilts, as I generally do not take the time/energy/camera battery life to gain the necessary knowledge to be able to post pictures of the quilts.  To my awareness, a point brought out by some discussion before the early October show, in order to post pictures at an AQS show, one needs to have the name of the quilt/creator to be able to post pictures publicly. This limits my pictures and makes me put off posting from the show.

First, if I post your quilt and you are the quilter involved & you do not want your picture posted, please kindly let me know. I tried my best to see the names through blowing up some of my pictures, and some names I am successful at reading more than others.

Some info about the AQS show from someone NOT ‘in the know’ about it.

It is held the first week in October in Des Moines, IA and I think it is the last of the officially sponsored AQS shows of the calendar year.

First, I want to say that the Machine Quilter’s Showcase that used to be held in Kansas City is a really good precursor/analog to what one sees at a AQS quilt show.  Vendors, quilts, special challenges/ groups. The Des Moines AQS show was bigger, but  very close to what one used to see here.

Des Moines itself is a fun place for a show, near the show are a few rivers, and a fun walking bridge.


Back to the show. There were several categories of special exhibits at the show. I may be forgetting one or two, but I remember seeing quilts in the following categories. Sort explanation of the types of quilts found based on the best of my knowledge.

  • Quilted in Honor – quilts for service men & women. These were fantastic, and not all red/white & blue, and many had so much meaning wrapped into the quilt
  • Masterpieces – quilts that were exquisitely done, works of art on fabric
  • Claudia Pfeil – Fire & Ice exhibit – her quilts are amazing with tons of colors & quilting
  • Modern Quilt Challenge – quilts that were a part of the modern quilt atheistic
  • Tentmakers of Cairo – hand applique quilts with many colors & pieces
  • The Go quilt Challenge – quilts that were made using pieces from the Acuquilt Go cutter
  • Des Moines quilt guild quilts – local quilts, also had a subgroup of quilts that showed quilts over the generations
  • The Cow Parade – quilts using Mary Lou Weidman’s cow quilt book: “Out of the Box with Easy Blocks” that had cows in hilarious situations – a RIOT
  • Colorplay – 12 small quilts made by 12 artists that highlighted a specific color or group of colors. These were so much fun to see.
  • Applique Artistry – can’t remember details about this exhibit. Maybe these were some of the quilts for sale

The main show had 3 different sections to my knowledge.

  1. The general show
  2. The author’s section where sometimes authors did demonstrations of things from their book & stuff
  3. The quilt museum (this was a strict no picture area) where they had the miniature quilts display and when they say miniature, they mean miniature!!! Blocks the width of my finger with massive amounts of detail.

Plus a healthy section of vendors, area for classrooms etc.

A quilt or two from each section? I’ll see if I can do that.

Quilted in Honor.

This quilt: Patriotic Stars II by Sarah Vedeler of AZ



This quilt: Piece & Quiet by Cynthia England of TX


This quilt: Kentucky Dogwood by Natalie Sewell of WI


Claudia Pfeil

This quilt: Fire & Ice (I think) I have seen this before – from Germany


Modern quilt

This quilt: I C U – Do You C Me? by Birgit Schuelier – from Germany


Acu-Quilt Go quilt (modern style)

This quilt: Playing with Color by Sandi Snow of FL


This quilt (2): Cherry Blossoms by Sally Manke (Manike?) of MI


Applique Artistry

This quilt: Arabasque by Patricia B Campbell


Color Play

Orange quilt set – by 12 different artists – cannot read details very well but including the description as a second picture below.



Cow Stampede (Cow Parade)

This quilt: Captain a-MOO-rica by Julie Post


This quilt: Moo-dy Blues by Laurie Latta (sp?)


Tentmakers of Cairo / Stitch like an Egyptian

This quilt: Dendon


We saw Mary Lou Weidman’s talk about creativity

This quilt – the House that Jack Built


The Main Show (other room)

This quilt: Shoreline Log Cabin by Karen Barr (one of my aunt’s favorite quilts). Most of the pieces are close to 1X1 inch, but looking closer, there are probably some 1X2 inch pieces in here.


This quilt: Mickey & Friends by Jim Gropper (posting for my one very dear friend who loves mickey & minnie so much there was a M&M theme at her wedding).


Author quilts:

This quilt: Through the Moongate by Karen Fisher from the book “Easy Grid Quilts”


And at some point after this my camera died before getting a good picture of the grandprize winners.

So I hope you enjoy the pictures. Even a month late, it’s never too late to enjoy good quilting!

I have more to share about my trip to Des Moines, and I will try to get them into separate posts. Local quilt shops local to Des Moines & bridges to come.  Also a very special Vetrans quilt.


32.4 Post AQS Des Moines Report Pre Show Self Shop Hop

October 9, 2013

Things have been interesting in the last two (or is it thee) weeks since I last blogged.  Health & computer issues mainly, but I did get to get away from Kansas to head to Iowa for a trip.

My aunt lives in Des Moines, and last year I had wanted to visit her for the AQS quilt show held there in October.  Last year, I had issues that kept me away, so this year I made it a priority to go.

And what great timing! Running out of fumes from work, a 3 day break was exactly what I needed.

I have all your requests down from the last post, some of which I have done, responded, some of which I need to go back & look up & complete. I liked all of your suggestions. Thing is that I’ve either been working or sick when I haven’t been gone at AQS.  This afternoon was the best I felt all this week since Sunday when my camera wouldn’t transfer any of my AQS pictures.

I had three days of fun, only one of which involved the actual quilt show.  I took a self guided “shop hop” on my way from KC to Des Moines, visiting shops that are either ‘close’ to my area, but definitely not shops I have been at before. Allow me to relive my travels by sharing my experiences.

Shop 1 – Quilter’s Quarters - Levenworth, KS

quilters quarter levenworth ks

Notice the ruby slippers? So Kansas.

This shop was cute. The front was several civil war sections, the middle was batiks, and the back room was sale fabrics and/or classroom stuff.  I liked the staff I talked to, it was a great way to start a shop hop.


This shop had several BOM’s that were fun, and I liked several quilts in this section.

Look at their cute way to package their kits!


And this quilt kit was just amazing, and just my style. Love the paint can. I didn’t purchase, trying to keep in mind I had lots more to do & see.


A good start to my day.

Then I traveled to Missouri, and this shop didn’t allow pictures at all, so I didn’t get any pictures. On the way there I passed the bridge and had a lovely drive.


Shop 2 – Peddler’s Wagon – Parkville, MO

This shop was right across the street from the mini golf course that I absolutely loved that I discovered a few years ago.


The shop was nice, on a fairly steep hill, downtown Parkville. There is a touristy feeling about this section of “KC”, The store itself was one level, with a kind of ‘cut out balcony’ section above that rings around the central shop area that has many many examples of completed quilts on the walls & railings.  Also sale fabric was found on the upper level.

More about the shop I found interesting, that on the outer ring on the lower (main) level there were sections. They were separated by walls, and left many many different alcoves, which provided natural separation of types of objects. One section was halloween, one section was baby quilts, one section was notions, one section was books, several sections were fabric, many different kinds of fabric, and many different fat quarter rolls.

Then a little bit of a drive later, and into northern Missouri, there were two shops within about 20 miles of each other just along I35.

Shop 3 – Crossroads Quilting – Cameron, MO


This shop was probably a couple of stores molded into one larger store, possibly clothing stores. There were different kinds of little alcoves in this store that reminded me of dressing rooms.


This style of fabrics were a little more ‘country’ colors for me, but I was fascinated with all the displays and the bags and all of everything they had placed in the store & how it was arranged like a house!



This was the first time I had ever seen a vertical quilt hanger like this.


There are many more pictures of this store since it was so unique.  But here’s the first bed I saw on the journey too.


Then just down the road, probably the most “internet famous” of the four shops.

Shop 4 – Missouri Star Quilt Company – Hamilton, MO


Wow. Since I have seen and heard so much about Missouri Star Quilt company online in the last several years, I was kinda nervous & excited to be there. So much hype, but they also lived up to all the hype as you will see.

Small town Missouri but a big & expanding store, run by family & close knit group of people, but a large group of people in & out and about on a Wednesday afternoon.


By far, MOStarQuiltCo had the most amount of bolts of fabric over every other store I visited in person during the whole week.  Not so many precut fat quarters, but several precuts, although the bolt fabric was really really high.

Each of these (look at the picture below to see what I am talking about) ‘walls’ of four bolts high of fabric was repeated about 8 times or so, in addition to the many shelves, other areas, minkie & backing areas.


And the staffing there was numerous and fantastic as well!

The fabric was organized by type / designer / line way more than it was by colors. Except for some areas.

Here you can see how ‘far back’ the store gets.


Or maybe you can’t see that, I don’t know.

Anyway, what I failed to take pictures of was Jenny Doan’s studio where she shoots her videos from. I could see some stuff set up for taking pictures & videos well in the back.

When I told one of the employees that I was excited to be there, as Jenny came to our guild once and gave a presentation, they introduced me to one of her grand-daughters.  Jenny was in the newly acquired retreat center doing some kind of “live podcast” which I didn’t hear as much detail about, so she wasn’t around during the time I was there, but I did strike up a conversation with several people.

I got to see (no pictures) the large family picture they took, and Jenny has 7 kids herself, with such a large family it sounded like many of them were somehow involved with the store in some aspect or another, and many of them seemed happy to be there, and friendly to themselves and the customers.  I asked the granddaughter (sorry for not remembering your name :( but it was nice to talk to you) if there was a lot of pressure to quilt, and if she liked quilting at all, and she’s done a few quilts, but hasn’t done all that many.  She was helping me find the minkee for a guild scarf project, and then I was given to someone else to cut the minkee.

She talked of the expansion, the number of online orders they do every day, how they used to have classes, but haven’t had the space to do them for a while, how they have several buildings in Hamilton that they are considering breaking down into specific types of fabric shops, perhaps one that has chevron specific fabrics for example, and about the retreat center that was brand new.


I looked around at some of the other fabrics, and then when I was checking out I noticed a lady who I recognized from one of the videos. I admitted I couldn’t remember which one, and she, like me, said she felt nervous about being on the video, was glad to do it, but it wasn’t her most favorite part of working on the store to be in front of the camera.

We talked about podcasts, since she was the one who said something about “live podcast” but she didn’t have a ton of details about it, I was just about a half hour late to see that in person from their retreat center. We talked about blogs and how it is so hard to have time reading people’s blogs and since google reader went away, how it was hard to sign up for blogs. I mentioned feedly & bloglovin and it was so busy that I bet she didn’t have time to record any of the info I gave her. But I understand not having time as well.

We probably weren’t “kindred spirits” but it was so nice to be able to chat so much about so many quilting topics with all the ladies at Missouri Star Quilt Company.  It was a very good side trip and I was very glad to drive the 20 miles from the interstate to see the place in person.  They had some kind of 5 year celebration they tried to get me to come back for, and I very well could have done so on my way back from Des Moines, but by then I was quilt shopped out.

One Last Stop – the Most Important One

And the last part of my ‘going to Des Moines’ quilt show was the meetup with Jackie, from Sew Excited Quilts.

I was running a little late with all this quilty goodness that I saw on the way to Des Moines, so I was almost at my aunt’s by the time we were going to meet up for dinner.  We met at Spaghetti Works in Downtown Des Moines, not all that far away from the quilt show.

It was so like meeting an old friend even though I think we have only met in person like 3 times before now.  It was great to catch up in person, see what we’re up to, compare lives, catch up with my aunt and have her meet Jackie (and her DH) as well.


And wow I shared a lot about my trip, and this was only DAY ONE. The next post I will do will be about the AQS quilt show, but who knows when it will be written as it takes a lot of time to do this, and time is limited with all the work I am doing, and the quilting I am trying to do on an older project.

Take care everyone! Don’t get sick as it is hard on you when you’re trying to do a lot of things already!


29.6 Retreat Progress

February 23, 2013

It’s been an interesting month. I didn’t realize it would be an entire month before posting, but here it is.

Anyway. Starting from NOW.

It’s also been an interesting week. What with going to my guild’s annual retreat and all.

And then the bereavement day. And the snow day. And now the days picking up the rest of the work resulting from snow delays, and in the future (monday), possibly more snow.

It seems things just have to be interesting right now.

Any case.

I should show you what I worked on Thursday as a compliment to what I have started with at the retreat.

weave updated smaller borders

I have reworked the corners of this quilt, removed the bright yellow inner border.

During retreat I created a total of 16 blocks of each direction of the weave border before I ran out of red fabric. I needed to have 19 blocks of each direction to complete the pattern all around plus the fabric for the corners.

I think this looks atheistically pleasing, and repeats the same numbers of blocks on each leg of the border as in the center of the quilt.

The design you see above requires 14 blocks of each direction and so I’ll be unpicking two of my completed blocks and reworking them to make the corners. If it’s possible to do, I kept similar dimensions and requirements of red for the corners compared to the original blocks.

32 of 38 weave block centers done

I currently have not designed the ends for the borders. I was trying to make the design wrap around itself, but EQ crashed for the 3rd time, so I didn’t bother retrying right now. Instead, I chose other computer time.

At least I have a direction. And I have removed the papers from about 20 of these blocks too.

Oh yeah, I need to start working on the tutorial for these blocks. Pictures have been done for a few weeks.  Getting there.

Okay, well after spending 2+ days on 9 blocks, I got out some projects that just needed borders.

So you remember the samurai Sudoku quilt I made, now it’s got its borders on, and just wowed the people at the retreat how well the borders work and are also very contrasty.

samurai sudoku quilt with borders

So now it floats in the middle of all the borders. I normally don’t like a lot of big borders, but this quilt it seemed to work quite nicely.

And the last quilt I also was working on borders for. The mystery quilt I did with my guild called Gemini Sky.

gemini sky borders started

Obviously, this picture was taken at a time when the lighting was way different. The whole picture/quilt is too pink compared with real life. I didn’t get the borders sewn on after the bright pink border, but I did add the ‘filmstrip’ quality to the already fabulous and sewn strip border.

I designed a few cornerstone blocks for the corners, but this quilt we were really rushing to work on as it was on the last day and I wanted as much sewing time as possible, also knowing I had to pack up & leave soon, so no pictures beyond this point.

Gemini Sky looks way different than I expected, but I really like it.

And if I may share one other situation from the retreat that I was a ‘small’ part of….

There was a lady who was working on a double bargello rainbow quilt twist pattern.


Not my quilt, but hey she is a math teacher, and what can I say, I really liked this quilt idea.   Great minds think alike. I would venture if I saw this pattern, I would try it out.

And so over the course of the few days, she worked on it and worked on it. The quilt requires you to sew strips and then cut the strips with a specific wedge template, sew them together in circles, and then cut portions of both of the circles, and then sew it together.


And just as what happened to me with my dancing ribbons, things weren’t lining up all that well in the wedge shape.  So we talked about it what to do to fix it, she asked another math person, and they said to tighten up all the seams coming in and out of the circle. I agreed that would help, emphasizing the amount of sewing in the center of the circles to help tighten the thing up.

And so the lady did just that, and then had both circles laid out, and things still weren’t matching up, and she wants to get this quilt finished before April (for her other guild’s quilt show), and what she was doing to fix it wasn’t helping enough to work without some MAJOR reconstructive surgery.

So on the very last day, I saw the two circles together, thought of dresden plates or drunken path blocks, and came up with a solution that I think she liked.  Just one of those things, “well what if you placed this piece here” type of things.

To save a quilt from “certain destruction”, here’s the resulting pattern which will be appliqued onto something. (or could stand alone I guess).


I am amazed that the rainbow pattern works too with this quilt. I am glad she didn’t have to trash the quilt that she had already put so much work into, and as I said, I think she likes this design too.

Best part is that with this design, you just have to be “close” to a quarter circle, so all that extra tightening, not quite necessary. no further seams to match up. Wheew!

Sew happy to have been able to help! Sew glad to have been able to see the possibilities with the design!

Alright until we meet again. It’s almost March-A-Long time.

I need to start working on that after work again, march starts the end of this coming week!!! AACK! Expect another post pronto.


29.0 Update – at least I didn’t fall into a hole

December 27, 2012

I have been starting to research and gather and organize my thoughts on a 50th episode of the podcast, but nothing I have done so far stands out as “right” yet. Things still seem rather disorganized and I have to settle down to figure out how I want to say what I want to say.

So I have been waiting to blog until that’s ready. Silly me.

And so I have news.

1st, the winner of the silly giveaway for the men without shirts and with quilts and burrito calendar was Engineer Sandi! One of the regular podcast listeners and blog readers and twitterers and stuff.

Seriously, this thing wasn’t rigged. picked the 2nd entry, and hers was 2nd.

randomcalendargiveawaynumber2Sandi wanted this for her friend. I contacted her, sent her the calendar, and she said she received it just before her friend came over, and they all had some good laughs over it, including some “you’re embarassing” type of comments from a daughter.

So that’s really good.

And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, I hosted a giveaway for a 2013 calendar for quilters, put together by Megan of the Bitchy Stitcher.  For those of you that did not win (that’s all 76 of you actually), you can go order one and help support Megan in her cause for her brother’s cancer.

And what was also nice is that Megan posted on facebook about the whole thing, well she commented on my post anyway, which is just as good!

And I’m ready and waiting for January! Coming soon!

qsmasbc 2013 January

*** other news ***

And the holidays are good. I am trying to get better fit right now (started during a week I had off work earlier December) and so some of my ‘bumming around time on the internets’ has turned into, ‘how many games of solitaire can I finish while excercising on my ‘stationary-bike-like thing”.

Which is good and bad. Any motivation you can send my way would be helpful. Myfitnesspal as scientificquilter if you haven’t already seen it.

I’m not super confident on this, but maybe one day after walking I won’t be feeling short of breath.  Maybe. I also have to teach myself how to do hand weights exercises and body movements like lunges, jumping jacks and other things.

*** other news ***

Anyhow, I finally after 3 weeks got the binding done on my exothermic quilt, for the temperatures have plummeted again (hey it’s winter, so that’s okay).

lotsa binding

Which incidentally I finished on the boxing day sew in yesterday, that luckily I had off of work and talked to my long ago twitter friends.

*** other news ***

And then I shared a picture of what followed me home yesterday.


Which is a Bernina that I think I want to call hotlips due to it’s army greenness.  It’s a Bernina 540 Favorit and I spent some time yesterday cleaning out some places and trying out a few of the multitude of feet for her.

She is a flywheel belt driven system and I think this means that the girl takes a while to get going. The bobbin is loaded on the back.  And took me 6 tries to bring up the bobbin thread without getting her stuck.

So I don’t know if that’s a ‘new to Darla thing,’ a bernina thing, a ‘oops you threaded it wrong thing’, and so once I change to a thread we shall see.

But the tension works WAY better than my necchi which I also like, (I told all you Carlotta was a bit of a drama queen, just after her namesake).

I have only done a few actual stitching samples with this machine, but so far, I love the sound/feel of this machine once it does get going.

Cabinet stayed with the family. Oh and this is my machine, but if I don’t want it, it goes back to the family, not mine to sell.  I had offered to give up $ for a bernina if that was important, but in the end, as long as I was taking care of her, I think it’s okay to think about me keeping the bernina with me.

To come and live with me for a while.

This machine started out 3 generations up from me (great grandparents age). And that’s ultra special about it as well!

Anyway, I have to go. Time goes rather quickly these days, and I’m rather glad I’m not using my afternoons still making christmas goodies. Good idea, but bad if they’re left over ready to munch munch away.


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