1.0 Introduction

October 24, 2009


Hello.  This is my second attempt at blogging.  After much frustration at another blog editor, I have moved to WordPress.  My original blog (version #1.0) can be found here.  I would like to do an accompanying podcast along with this blog, although at this time I still need a microphone and all the podcasting software.


I can achieve the following objectives:

Things I want to achieve with this blog:

  1. Promote quilting, craftiness, science and math in a non-scary way.
  2. Promote scientific & mathematical themes in others’ quilts & crafts.
  3. Use quilting as a medium to explore scientific thought processes.

Other interests for this blog:

  1. Explore the science behind the crafts – i.e. what chemical makes the dyes a specific color, and what exactly is tension?
  2. Come up with quilty experiments. How do you test what needles work, what different types of batting looks like?
  3. Provide a crafty solution to scientific labs that can be done either in classroom or at home.


Science in all its forms can be applicable to crafts.  Focus on this blog is physical science, but there is plenty of natural science to explore as well.  My current passion is quilting, so that’s where most of the entries will center around, but I always delight when I see other blogs, posts and websites that are other sciency crafts.

My knowledge level of science and math is fairly basic, but my love for scientific understanding and reasoning is not.  Mr. Wizard was my hero when younger, and now Alton Brown has stepped into that role.  I would like to use Good Eats as a model for this blog.  Good Eats shows cooking through the scientific properties of the ingredients, cooking methods, but in the end is still a show about cooking.  I would like this blog to be a blog about quilting through scientific properties and thinking.

More details on Theory at a later time (i.e. the rest of the blog)


Multi ButterfliesI am a basic scientist, cross stitcher, ex-teacher, simple crafter, simple crocheter, new sewer, quilter, and hopefully podcaster.  My name is Darla and I am starting to participate in several quilting communities online and in the real world. You may see posts and comments on other blogs and forums from Darla or Scientific Quilter – usually either way that’s me.

My undergraduate degree is in physics, with a mathematics minor (almost also a chemistry minor).  My master’s degree is in physical science teaching.  I have worked at a planetarium, taught high school physical science, and now work in a laboratory.  I have found the most joy in jobs when I am able to use my creative side of my brain.  My current job is less creative than most others I have had.  For several years I felt there was something was missing from my life without really knowing what it was.  After winning a FREE sewing machine at work, I decided to take up quilting.  After quilting for a while, I now remember past crafty and sewing projects that I completed many years ago, and my passion for crafts is again coming back into my life.


Please take a moment to share with me what you think about this blog.  I understand that it is different from the others, although I will still find myself talking through my own projects, using them as a lens for my topics.  I plan to repeat a few blog topics that I started on my last blog.  I’ll think of them as “rough drafts”, so please don’t get upset if you actually take the time to read my old blog, and then I say the same thing here.  Pictures will also be duplicated as well.

Take care & keep on experimenting!

– SQ

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