1.2 Outside Periodic Adventures 1.0

November 2, 2009


Just thinking about amazing Periodic Tables I’ve ran across lately.  A lot have come from the MAKE blog, but I want to repost them here.  It’s amazing what some people will do with the periodic table.  

Make Pumpkin abuse challenge.  Three scientists have fun with pumpkins. (okay nothing to do with tables, but it was just halloween)

Make Periodic Table Sweater. A sweater with fungi on the sleeves

The Periodic Table of Knitting.  The symbols for knitting are put into organized rows and columns based on the types of knitting stitches they make.  Very cool thinking here.

A complete Periodic Table of crochet squares.

An actual table that someone made with the periodic table size and shape.  Amazing. 


A side note.  I am arranging things on the site and am not happy with the current state of things on the blog, but have spent no time trying to get things together.  Find me on flickr if you want to see some photos, and yeah the podcast thing isn’t working yet.  I hope to do a small sample soon.

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