1.3 The Scientific Quilter Podcast

November 8, 2009

Scientific Quilter Title

It’s almost here.  I have a basic recorded podcast on audacity.  As the introduction podcast, it goes into some of the goals for the podcast, corresponding to the goals of this blog.  I have to finish the intro and outro to the podcast and still have to upload it to podbean.  Just so you know, the podcast is conversational style and rather ‘non produced’, which is how I am actually going to get the podcast done.

Keep experimenting!

EDITED February 2011:  The podcast was intended to be conversational, but over the last year has been morphed into a podcast filled with snippets of songs, different segments, some of which are science, or math based, one of which is some kind of quilting, and then home sewing front, an explanation of things sewn over the last time since the last podcast, and most of the time, some sort of self reflection of my ideas of quilting, science, art and life.  The feed is available at http://scientificquilter.podbean.com  Take a listen!

One comment

  1. Darla, welcome to the podcast-sphere! I just found your podcast and I am thrilled to find another quilter to listen to. Don’t worry if you think you aren’t an experienced quilter. Every level of experience can bring something new and exciting. I’m glad you jumped in and gave it a try. I’ve got podcast number 2 queued up for my next listen. I can’t wait to hear more!

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