1.5 Podcast 2 Preview

November 17, 2009

I have been ambitious and this week have recorded another podcast – twice.  Even though I want the podcast to be conversational, and not “post production” as I said originally, I want to do an amount of editing and trim myself down a little bit.  Some of it is the “verbal pauses”, and some of it is just things I put in that would be better served in another podcast – “that’s another show” as AB says.  I will have it up soon, but for now, while you’re waiting, a preview of what’s to come, sorta ….

 This glowing edges picture of my applique is now my current background on my computer.  Pretty cool huh?


  1. Hey, you mention AB! I’m a huge AB fan and have belonged to the Good Eats Fan Page for years, almost since it began. Can’t believe the show has been on the air for 10 years. Because of Alton Brown, I learned to cook. Hmmm, I think I said that in my previous comment. Or maybe not.

    Using Photoshop (or Paint Shop Pro, or whatever) is an excellent way to determine color value — that’s a problem I have when deciding on fabrics for a quilt.

    Your podcast is off to a terrific start!


  2. Ruthann

    In my first post on here – and now on my about page, (just copied the first post on here actually) I mention how Mr Wizard and then Alton Brown as being influential to me. (I could also put Adam Savage from Mythbusters, but not the same as AB) I remember you talked about Good Eats and learning how to cook in your first or second podcast, so that doesn’t surprise me to hear you say that. Thanks for commenting and encouraging me! 🙂

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