1.7 Tis the Season

November 21, 2009

With the holidays coming up I thought I’d highlight the planetarium that I mentioned in my last podcast. 

I worked in the Hastings Museum in Nebraska, and the annual holiday show that is still running is called “Tis the Season”, but now is known as “Season of Light”.  Not only was this a show about christmas, but a LOT of ceremonies around the winter solstice – focusing on the tradition of making the season brighter and some of our american christmas traditions and where they came from.  The culmination is trying to use astronomy to figure out about the Christmas Star. 

A very excellent show – if you have a planetarium in your area that runs it, and you have a free weekend, it’s a very nice way to fill about 40 minutes of your time to put you in the holiday mood.  This is a fairly popular show – just popping tis the season and planetarium into google produced about 10,000 results.

Here is the link to the Hastings Museum’s Tis the Season site.  If you live in the Hastings area, be sure to check it out, I know they’d love to see you!

Happy beginning of the holidays everyone!  I’m sure by New Year’s we’ll all be sick of them, but for now – still cool.

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