1.8 Podcast 3 Preview Color Chromatography & Crocheted Cells

November 24, 2009

What does a coffee filter or white fabric, markers, isopropanol, a bird drawing, have in common? 

Something I saw on Craftster from user: IamSusie  and the following post: Sharpie Dye Color Bursts gave me another experiment idea.  IamSusie got the idea from Happy Things and she saw it on Steve Spengler Science.  If you click on any of the links, you can see the Color Chromatography in action. 

Not to limit myself to finding one amazing science fiber art project on Craftster, I also found Sally Le Strange and her post about a Crochet Plant Cell Pillow who made her science craft for a school project and got an A+.  I like both of these projects enough to highlight them in my next podcast.  But first I have an idea about the chromatography one before I put it together.


  1. Hi Darla, I found your blog through Leah Day’s e-mail newsletter. I’m a special ed teacher but I have been a collaborative in Bio and Chemistry. I love the post about chromotography. I’ll have to try this. I remember doing a lab on chromotography with plant pigments. I’m adding your blog to my reading list. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you very much. I am glad you found me, Janet. In my podcast I explain the science as well, but I was wondering if it was making sense as I was saying it. I think the post says it more concisely than when I recorded it. Plant pigments would be good too and I am sure some of them make great dyes for fabric, in addition to showing the different parts of the plant. I hope I can keep you inspired – I am glad you’re out there helping the kids in special ed. There’s a lot of need for people to do what you’re doing! I loved it when the special ed teachers get as excited about the labs we were doing than the students. I hope I can keep the momentum going – there’s a lot out there to try and do – now to figure out what next!

  2. Hi Darla,

    I just started listening to your podcast. Thank you for doing this experiment. I have a 4 year old daughter that would love to do something like this. She loves color. Continue the good work!

    • Robin, thanks for picking up the podcast. I am glad to see someone else that is interested in the chromatography for quilt blocks. What an interesting idea that is!

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