2.0 Well I used to Crochet … sort of

November 30, 2009

All the quilting sites – okay not ALL of them – most of the quilting sites have people who are dabbling into crochet / knitting / other fiber arts.  I used to cross stitch – probably the first “type” of craft I gravitated towards and stuck with.  However when I was young – before learning to cross stitch, a friend of mine taught me how to chain stitch crochet.  I remember just making one long chain of a variegated rainbow yarn.  But I was ittle and didn’t know how to go back and single or double crochet. 

So in college, one of my (scientific) roommates taught me how to single and double crochet.  She was working on granny squares.  Well the following summer I tried making granny squares.  I got about 4 of them done, had problems seeing how it was all going to come together in a large blanket form, and I abandoned the project.

I (somehow) forgot about my biggest crochet project that I started the following school year that was a crocheted afghan intended to be for my upcoming wedding.  Well it was for myself so it didn’t HAVE to be done by the wedding, had nothing to do with the wedding, but that was a goal of mine – to finish it before I got married. 

I worked on it before falling asleep in the bunk bed in the dorms, worked and worked and worked on it.  Cheap yarn – hey I was a college student – didn’t count the rows or the stitches, didn’t have a pattern, couldn’t read a pattern, didn’t have a final plan, but I would come up with one for each row.

I don’t know why I have it in storage.  It’s nice and heavy, and extra long, and not quite the size I imagined it would be when I made it.  The edges are all frilly and weird, going in and out, and there was a triple crochet row that I skipped three stitches periodically and the resulting holes from that row mean that when I sleep under the afghan my big toe gets caught in the hole.  Hmm.  Maybe I do know why it’s in storage after all. (So far in storage that it’s not worth digging though the bottom of my closet and everything in front of the closet to get a picture.  Maybe someday).

After that, I got smart and worked on homespun yarn that is bumpy and completed two scarfs that are full and heavy and wonderful.  I found the bumpy yarn wasn’t as hard to work with as I thought, and it HID the fact that my stitches are uneven on the sides from lack of counting. 

I am still not sure why no pattern or no counting was done on the scarfs.  I did counted cross stitch at the time completing one project in about 2 years that had tons of stitches in it.  And I had to count that project.


I thought I’d share.  Not all my adventures have been done in a well planned thought out scientific manner.

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