2.1 Podcast 4 Preview – Spectra Quilt Idea

December 2, 2009

I know my little prism isn’t the same thing as a diffraction grating, but this is what I got right now.  I’ve always loved looking at prisms and diffraction gratings.  In astronomy we talk about figuring out what components make up a lighted object by looking at the light and separating it out.  We can look up at the sun and determine which gases it has by looking at the ‘spectra’ by looking through SPECIALLY DESIGNED devices – DON”T look up at the sun directly!!! – but the same is true for other gases. I remember holding one of the diffraction gratings up to the window of the science lab and looking out at the street lights and seeing the yellow sodium lights look differently than the “purply” mercury lights and seeing the difference in the spectra. 

More to come on this.  Right now this is just a science-inspired quilt idea that I saw in a scarf somewhere.  Give me a little time to get my thoughts together and I should have a podcast ready that highlights the idea of spectra in quilts.


  1. Hey – just wanted to let you know I mentioned you in a podcast. I hope you don’t mind!! Looking forward to #4…though I haven’t yet listened to #3! I’m always so far behind.

    • Kelly,

      Of course I don’t mind! You’re only the 2nd podcaster to mention me in a podcast behind Ruthann. I haven’t been as good at e-mailing all the other podcasters out there to let them know about me. Which is part of the reason I was SO surprised – AND GLAD – that you found me! I have a lot to say about your podcast that I’ll probably e-mail you about. It really got me thinking today. I’m also podcasting fairly quickly because I have a lot of ideas (and spare time). Once I use my ideas up and/or get my name out there – maybe not as often.

  2. Cool ideas!!! I have seen where people use a stencil or other templates and place them on dark fabric and then they use a mixture of bleach & water and bleach out part of the fabric around the design for a quilt block. I like rubbing alcohol technique–what a great idea. Keep up the good work and I will be back

    • Deb,

      Thanks for finding me here too! I sure hope that the rubbing alcohol idea will work to be able to wash the quilts considering I haven’t done that part yet. The bleached out design would be easy to do with a stencil. I’ve heard about it too, but not a whole lot, it’d be worth a try, and could give a cool effect. I wonder if you could control the amount of bleach you put on the fabric with a toothpick or something to get a small amount of bleach for a less “washed out” effect? Something more to think about!

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