2.3 I’m an Embroiderer!!!

December 8, 2009

Today I can call myself an embroiderer because I officially “finished” my little applique design embroidery study.  I was going to make a small wall hanging out of this to hang below my ‘baltimore style applique quilt’, but maybe this is destined to be a pillow instead.  What do you think?

This was done with leftover pieces from the mimi dietrich applique quilt I did.  The pattern pieces are hers, but the layout is my own.  I had several variations of this design I played around with before settling on this.

The flower has a little chain stitch and then some small satin stitch.

The swag has two blanket stitches (top and bottom in blue), three mountmellick stitch (middle blue, middle red and gold, top blue), and a double chain stitch down the middle (gold).

On the bird, I used a blanket type stitch for the beak (probably my weakest choice of stitch is on the beak), a modified algerian eye stitch for the eye, and stem stitch for the bird feathers.

And its not photographing well by itself, but I used stem stitch on the heart, and inspired my swirls from the fabric pattern within.  There are red swirls which are “echoed” by the dark dark navy blue (looks like black … shhh don’t tell anyone it’s not black).

In any event, I’m going to try my hand at hand quilting this just to get the feel of hand quilting.  But I don’t have any supplies for hand quilting.  Have to go find a thimble and a quilting hoop first.  And probably some hand quilting thread.  Time to pick up another project until I get to the quilt store (after the holidays).

… or I could try hand dyeing fabric with koolaid …

… or I could start to work on stamp carving with erasers

… or I could make dragon boat ornaments

… or I could make chemistry inspired christmas ornaments


  1. Thanks so much for relling us about the 365 Free Motion blog. It’s a wonderful source of information. I just listened to your first 3 podcasts today. In one of them you asked if we wanted more/the same/or less science. I would have to vote for less science, but I will continue to listen with whatever you decide. Thanks for picking up the mic!

    • Debby,
      I’m glad you’ve found the free motion blog. The more days it runs, the better I like it. Tons of information in a short period of time. Alas, on the science front, I knew going into this that not everyone would be a fan, and I hope I don’t lose people listening because I drone on about it too much. I think it’s interesting to see the balance of thinking and craft, which I suppose is one thing, but going on too much I may bore all the quilters and scare them away. I know I get turned off (of things I am not interested in) sometimes too, but I hope to provide enough balance to keep people interested or at least intrigued. Thanks for letting me know!

      Thanks! Although are you ‘required’ to say that? Just kidding. I did all that work by hand, but need to get back to my machine sometime. Now that I have the free motion filler practice guidelines, I need to get some cheap fabric and thread and start making my free motion practice pieces, so I’m kinda thinking the same thing. Too bad I’m working on another hand applique project right now at work/home

  2. I love what you did Darla! I was at home for snow day yesterday but I was so busy wrapping packages that I didn’t get the sewing machine out! Soon

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