2.4 Computer resource I want as a quilter

December 12, 2009

Ravelry Photograph from their website

Being not a “yarnie” I don’t feel comfortable going to Ravelry really. But I did look at their (old) tour and I was impressed with how you could organize your patterns and wips, in addition add the social media aspect of everything.  Any Ravelry veterans feel free to add in details here.

I was wanting an online database that would take care of managing all our WIPS.  I have a list of steps that you have in a quilt project that I would like to post pictures and comments for each available step.

Here is the following categories I came up with:

  1. Haven’t started yet – still planning in my head
  2. Bought the pattern
  3. Gathered materials for
  4. Created any needed templates or foundations for creating
  5. Blocks cut
  6. Blocks sewn together
  7. Borders completed
  8. Basted
  9. Quilted
  10. Binding completed
  11. Label made
  12. Sleeve made

Wouldn’t that be keen?  Oh, and I want it to be free like other websites.  I’m not incredibly database literate, but its gotta be the main structure behind things like facebook etc.  I tried using power point as a database because I like how you can add pictures.  Power point is limiting – the sorting part isn’t there.  Another nice feature would be the size of cut pieces you need to create completed locks for your patterns, the amount of fabric needed for your quilt – an all in one quilting resource.

 To manage it all, it is probably a nightmare, but I have heard other quilters cry out for this, and this is my turn.  Anyone want to get a start on this?

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