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December 27, 2009

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If you want to know how to start a podcast the way I did it, just look (and listen) to episode 1 on my blog.  Or send me an e-mail at scientificquilter (at) gmail (dot) com 

Sadly, I did have to pay for the podbean account so I could get episodes posted that are larger than 20 minutes.  And I think if you decide to pay for the wordpress blog, then you can get mp3 to download directly to the blog itself, but whereas mine are free, the episodes have to be hosted elsewhere. 

Honestly, most of the time spent figuring things out is done at the start up.  I got my bumper music set up at the beginning of all the shows by taking a really long musical selection and breaking it down into 5 second segments with a ‘fade in’ effect in audacity and ‘fade out’ on the other side.  Then when I enter the music in you go to import music on audacity and then delete everything but the segment of bumper music that you want to play that time.  Not all that hard to do. 

For me, because of how much I want to include on each show, sometimes the hardest and most time-consuming parts of creating a podcast is writing the blog.  My episode posts are really long because I don’t post every day, just during the episodes and a preview podcast blog post and some other blog idea of whatever strikes my fancy during the week.  But you don’t have to have an extensive blog to have a successful podcast either. 

My choice of blog templates prevents me from having a custom banner at the top, but I’ve messed with this blog enough getting all the widgets the way I want them that I am not going to mess any more with it (at this time).  I think some you can do things like edit the CSS (style sheets), but I don’t know enough about that to attempt that (yet).  

Not to mention that I already had a microphone because of RockBand, but the other microphones that are USB capable should also work ‘plug-and-play’ into the computer without a lot of headaches.  You have to do a little work setting up your audacity to tell it that your input is the rockband microphone, and it helps to put it into a single channel instead of stereo. 

The tutorial post I have for audacity (in my first episode show notes) was REALLY helpful in getting all the setup for audacity ready and getting me familiar with the software – although the hosting site I used Brye Lynn’s suggestion of podbean on her first podcast of Sew Stitch Create – episode 1.  

I am sure I also looked up in google “how to podcast” or “podcast tutorial” as well which watching a YouTube video about the LAME mp3 decoder in Audacity was helpful. 

Thanks to Allison for mentioning this podcast in hers Within a Quarter Inch, where she also shares how to start a podcast in her latest episode – episode 53 and the show notes with links for episode 53

Currently I’m debating which topic to go with next for the podcast and taking a break (sorta) from the audio part so I can spend (some) time with family.  Will be back soon with another podcast preview.

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  1. […] For more detailed info on how to start up a podcast from a quilting podcaster’s perspective see Allison Rosen Episode 53 and show notes.  I also said something about creating a podcast in a previous post. […]

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