3.2 Podcast 7 Preview – Fun with Fibonacci

December 29, 2009

Okay folks, next time I’ll be back with a mathematical theme which has now gotten two requests!  Diving into the mathematical models of order and visual stunning, we will have some fun with fibonacci on the next podcast. 


My plate may not actually have a Fibonacci sequence on it, but it sure reminds me of things governed by an interesting and visually appealing mathematical concept!


  1. I have just ‘discovered’ you. The show about fibonacci was enlightening. There is something about the human anatomy and fibonacci too. If you know how that works, then do share that.

    We love all the personal sharing too, because it invites us into your heart. Usually, what you put out flows back…we open our hearts to you too…and that equals success! Yes, some poor folks are just so very closed they keep their heart that way too. Never let them bother you.

    By the way, if you cut music or so in, please don’t let it be so suddenly loud, if you could.

    May I recommend that you practice modulating your voice a little? I find you a little monotoned. You may consider conciously smiling, jesticulating and a sprinkling of sheer silliness. No, we cannot see ou jesticulate, but it should translate into the voice. Ok, no more ‘advice’ from my court.

    Because you have the mind/training for it, maybe you could research some things about fabric, colour, fiber.

    Looking forward to enjoying many more PC’s from you and watching you grow within all of that.



    • Ingrid

      I think I need to hire out my voice. I’ll try your smiling technique and hopefully that will help. I’ll also turn down the bumper music for you. No one wants to have their ears blown out and for some reason I didn’t hear that the music was too much louder than the voice. Thanks for putting up with me through that.

      I haven’t heard specifically about fibonacci and the human body, but I heard about fibonacci and sea shells, and sunflowers, and leafs growing out in fibonacci order spirals off of plants. There were other things I could have talked about fibonacci and several different quilt designs that I found that I would have liked to put in the fibonacci show. Oh maybe the golden ratio and the human body and david and michelangelo and that – I haven’t researched that, maybe that’s the fibonacci and the human body. I may do a fibonacci quilt part 2.

      I’ll have to ask a few specific questions about color, fabric and fiber. Do you want me to go in the science form or just discuss how they are important to quilting? I have a lot of different ways I could look at these simple topics, if you want to expand, please feel free.

      Thank you for commenting!

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