3.4 Snowed In

January 6, 2010

Prepare for the following unscientific blog post:

I really should get together a new idea for a scientific podcast post here – thank you all for visiting me today.  However, now I am a little upset and can’t think about my science or math at this time, so no new ideas – all blocked up.

I have just gotten word that we are cancelling my upcoming sewing night on friday due to the snow.  This is cancelled in addition to the (extra) guild sewing day on saturday and I’m bummed.  The normal guild meeting is next week on Tuesday and I am worried that may be cancelled too.   

Not that the guild is everything, but I was starting to get excited about talking to people in real life about quilting and it’s already been 2 months since I’ve seen nothing but family members (don’t sew at all) or co-workers (some appreciate sewing, but don’t do a lot of it).

I had already gotten all (some) of my stuff in some nifty 2 gallon bags ready to go and I was going to set my mind up to tackle my binding on my first quilt.  I found my missing misplaced book that tells me how to cut and sew binding.  I also had a plan of basting my applique quilt to a backing fabric, and I had my current applique in my bag already for backup projects. 

I was planning on asking the ladies about what color binding to use – because I changed opened my mind about the binding, considering other colors.  I was going to either a) self bind or b) straight double fold bind with the same fabric I used for the backing, but now I think I’d rather open the colors up a little bit.  Any suggestions from any of you?

Anyway, if I’m at home, I don’t get things done.  When I was a student, I had to discipline myself to go to the library or the “study room” to force myself to work on my homework.  I get too distracted at home.  And yes – I think I just equated quilting with homework – STOP it Darla! – but I know my habits of getting things done and I had worked around my limitations, and I was pretty pleased with myself.

I set a deadline and psyched myself up and here is a disappointment that I can’t finish this quilt again.  The first weekend I podcasted, I didn’t attend the binding class where I was going to do the same thing – finish this quilt.  And then when things came up – I couldn’t financially justify going to the class I so eagerly wanted to take. 

So here is my weekend resolution:  I am going to take this weekend to see if I can muddle through this last part of my quilt – and try NOT to sit on the computer all weekend long.  Of course this means

  • a) no research
  • b) no podcast 😦
  • c) no blog entries
  • d) no constantly checking my stats & comments 
  • e) no (little) facebook
  • f) no blog surfing
  • g) no other time-wasting computer time


Not that I don’t enjoy those things, but I have to find a way to discipline myself ot get this quilt done, and it ain’t happening otherwise.  I’m going to set a timer for the time that I am on the computer and hopefully this will motivate me. 

Of course a video about putting up binding (the last bit somewhat intimidates me) may have to be an exception to the computer rule.

But I will miss all of you in the process! 

Feel free to send encouragements here on this post or to scientificquilter@gmail.com 

You have until Saturday morning to encourage me.  (of course you know I’ll check it saturday too, but right now I’m pretending that isn’t the case)  Not that I am ordering or anything.  OR you can give me more ideas to be inspired by for the podcast – I’ll love to hear them too!

In the mean time go check out my podcast and get up to date on them. 🙂


  1. Hi Darla,

    Computer time eats into my quilting time too. I like your idea to set a timer. Sorry, you’re snowed it (and boy does it look like a LOT of snow). But try to pretend you’re not at home this weekend & are sitting in your sewing group. Maybe you’ll get lucky & the snow will somehow mess up your internet connection (only temporarily) & then you won’t have a computer to distract you, lol. Well, just wanted to wish you good luck on finishing your quilt & thanks again for podcasting! Oh, be sure to post a picture of it when you get the
    binding finished, so we can all applaud you 🙂

    -debby, Chester, NY

    • Thanks debby, this computer is really a double edged sword – community and procrastination. I have sucessfully used a timer to get off the computer to do other things in the past, so I think that will work. It does look like (due to this blog) that I may have an alternative sewing day lined up (out of the house) as soon as I find out what time. I’ll let you all know about it when this weekend is over. Thanks for the encouragement!!!

  2. You can do it, Darla. Like someone I heard said, “Just get your butt in the chair” (or something like that). Hmmm, I wonder who that was?


    • Hmm… Allison Lee from Craftcast …. (looks around) … uh ….

      Oh yeah I did (also) say that it helps to discipline and set goals – and repeat Allison Lee in saying get your butt in the chair. So here I am hopefully going to follow through tomorrow (and maybe the next day). If I wanted to, I could start (some) tonight.

      Thanks for the encouragement Colleen!

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