3.5 A day of good and bad

January 11, 2010

Another unscientific post:

Good news:

I have some good news that should come out on Wednesday that I’m really excited about.  This news is not only for me, but for all the other quilting podcasters out there.   As always, I hope to do the other ladies proud.

This weekend I got almost completed with my binding from the help of some sewing ladies nearby.  I have one seam left to whip down on the back.  I hope to post this early Wednesday on the blog.  Here’s a sneak peek:

Bad news:

Thinking about my mother, the cancer that took her life, and all that stuff that goes along with that.  Luckily, I had put it out of my mind most of the day and pretended I forgot what today was – I even went to work today and it kept me pretty busy, but when anniversaries come – even of bad events – sometimes its hard not to notice.

I will update again on Wednesday.  In the meantime I need to finish this last edge and go to the guild meeting tomorrow with a fancy show-and-tell.

Thank you all for your comments and support so far!


  1. Thank you for your refreshing podcast. Keep up the good work. ann

    • Ann

      Thanks for commenting. I will try to keep the topics refreshing and different because there are a lot of other great podcasts out there that have different strengths. I can only do what I can do, just as others quilt the way they do.

  2. Thank you for your blog and podcast! I am a scientist AND an old school quilter (20 years under my belt) and you are giving a whole new perspective on bringing my science into my quilts.
    You actually inspired my most recent blog entry:

    Thanks for all you do. Best of luck with all your projects.. and Happy Quilting!

    • Wow oh wow oh wow. Anyone who is reading this comment that loves science and art, you gotta check out that link that LabMom just put here. Thanks LabMom. This is totally wonderful inspiration – I had forgotten that Kodak did the small world series of pictures. I also think off of a series of posts from your blog post, (I can’t remember specifically how I got there right now — too much information and too much internet), I found some amazing snow crystal pictures that would make wonderful quilts as well. Now to think about how to come up with fabric, how to diagram these ideas. Great inspiration here. I have to repost this and talk about this in an upcoming podcast!

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