4.4 Podcast 10 Preview – It’s in your DNA

February 16, 2010

Finally.  I’ve finally given up on learning as much of this DNA thing as I am going to learn and so the next podcast – the big 1 – 0 here comes the Deoxyribonucleic acid.  (eek look at that big biology word!) 

I’ll present the original DNA quilt, talk (more) about the medicine magazine article that I finally received in the mail, and share another cool site. 

Then I’ll share some of my inspiration on creating the ‘next step’ of a DNA quilt with an ‘amino acid’ quilt. 

Does anyone out there in quilt-land have a DNA inspired quilt already?  Or a DNA inspired idea already?  If so, let me know, and I’ll put you up on the blog post. 

And yes I will highlight the Genome Quilt creator Beverly St Clair too.

Image from wikipedia

This coming week and weekend is a smattering of quilty commitments and playtimes and so I’ll try to get the podcast together and up shortly, but it may be posted by sometime mid next-week.  Thank you for your patience.

And I did get one response to “what happens to episodes 1-4 in iTunes”, and so thanks go out to Lynn.   I want to see if her experience is the same as others out there. 

If you’re a new listener and just started listening to my podcast recently if you enjoy what you’re listening to, can I ask that you check out and try to download episodes 1 – 4 on iTunes.  Then can you e-mail me (scientificquilter@gmail.com) and tell me what happened? (even if it DID work – that would be super helpful)

I’m getting some information from my hosting site on a FAQ written 2 years ago, but a different experience from my listener.  There are no forums for this hosting site (not wordpress) to ask questions, so I am using listener feedback to help me diagnose and decide what to do next.  Then I’ll stop asking about it – I promise.


  1. ooooo.. I’m really excited about this one!

    • No pressure, huh? I’m going to use things we’ve already talked about here. Just have to draw a few things on photoshop first (and do the podcast part). Anymore insight, feel free to e-mail me again.

  2. Hey, I found your blog. I kept meaning to ask what the address was when you were over the other afternoon, but then forgot. I am amazed at all that you have done in just a year of quilting. When I started I worked on one top (top is finished and lanquishes in a box) and took one free workshop with the guild and learned how to make yo’s yo’s while living in a hotel (our bathroom was underconstruction at the time). You do a lot with quite the little machine there. If ever you would like to try out my machine (for machine quilting larger projects, let me know, I even have a walking foot. I think your DNA idea is cool too by the by.

    • LynAnne Sorry I didn’t tell you about my blog earlier. Glad you found it. I am greatful for your help and patience in teaching me to hand sew. Oh and I found a silly little plastic thimble that came in a kit somewhere so I can work on the hand quilting. I haven’t went to the quilt shop to purchase yet. Thanks for the offer on the machine. Looking forward to more time stitching with you. Oh and you make the most amazing dolls ever!

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