4.5 Another slight delay

February 22, 2010

Hey quilters and scientists and anyone.  Just wanting to let you know that I haven’t forgotten you or my promise to get podcast 10 up soon. 

Something came up family-wise and I can’t concentrate on the podcast until this is taken care of. 

When things get out of my control I get antsy and start pacing and any thoughts of anything productive go out the window or get done sloppily.  I hope you’ll understand. 

I do have 95% of the post done, but no audio done at this point.  Midweek is looking like this coming weekend instead.  Hopefully not longer than that. 

In the meantime here is a picture of some progress made on hand quilting.  Just started this baby and this is taking some time to get used to doing. 

Oh and it’s black on black, so maybe you can’t see it like I can.

There is just one row of stitching around the outside of the applique flowers.  Stitches are wide and inconsistent, and sometimes don’t go through all three layers, but it’s a process.

Oh and here is a picture of my daisy progress. Flower pots to come.  And I have a book on butterfly patterns so perhaps a butterfly or two. 

The flower pots for sure, they’re glued and ready to go on.

 This weekend I also learned how to make a pillowcase (but don’t have any pictures of that).  

If I create another one, I’ll post a pic of that too.  Not quilting, but a nice pillow case for charity.  And if you’re making things for your bed, why not a pillowcase as well?

I have to go now.  See you shortly, my blog and podcast friends!

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