5.1 Day 1 of (un)interrupted sewing time

March 18, 2010

I have planned to sew as much as possible in the next few days as I have some mostly uninterrupted sewing time. 

This means my ipod music blaring as loud as I can stand.  First it was reliving some early episodes of Crafty Pod while I was straightening up to sew.

Then a phone call – of about an hour and a half – and then derailed myself on various computer things that “needed my attention” I spent time reading blogs and other e-maily things. 

Then an hour of searching for 80’s songs to rock out to on iTunes

Then finally got to start sewing my fans together.

The edges are sewn, and yes, they are offset.  I plan to sew a fan bottom tomorrow and cover up the mismatched bottoms. 

I do have a dilemma though.  I have never worked with raw edge or machine applique. 

This seems to scream for machine applique.  I have a book for teaching me about machine applique, and it gives some suggestions for threadpainting over the applique for texture and color contrast.

I don’t want to lose the height on the red areas, but I don’t really want any of the raw edges to unravel. 

I wonder if I should have exaggerated the tops more and turned them under.  I also have never worked with a stabilizer before and this also seems to scream for that too. 

Suddenly a top that I didn’t have a ton of feeling for screwing up back a year ago (yes the top these fans are going onto is a year old this month) I am trying to make some decisions about. 

Too bad about doing that “low risk project” that you don’t have an invested interest in to get over your fears.  It seems I very much want this quilt to work and perhaps I lost the low risk feeling when I decided to take on the fans in the project.  “Y seams” again.  I really don’t mind them.  Honestly.

Tomorrow is day 2 of uninterrupted sewing time (after a full day of work).  I hope I can get more done tomorrow than today.

Oh and look at my new apron as a bday gift.  Since I never actually finished mine, this is good – and it gives me an idea of the binding strips.

Too bad it doesn’t make me feel more productive necessarily.  Will test out the apron / productivity theory more tomorrow. 

I am not sure if it is a direct relationship.  I know for sure it’s not an inverse relationship, which is also good.

One last thing, did I share my pi day pizza with you?

Yes we had this on Sunday.  Yum, it was good!

One comment

  1. Use scraps of fabrics (the black and red from your fans if you have some) and test out various machine applique techniques and stabilizers first. I suggest satin stitch, zig zag stitch or blanket stitch. Try each adjusting the length and width to suit your taste. If you are worried about fraying, a satin stitch will completely cover your raw edges.

    Experiment first making notes on your samples. Pick the one you like best and go for it!

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