5.2 Welcome to the family

March 19, 2010

I would like to welcome my new ruler and cutting mat to the family. Now I own two rulers.  Whoo hoo …

Less folding for me – yeah!

Oh and a thread rack too.   

Not the most exciting, but I don’t purchase things that often and have been using the really small ruler and cutting mat for over a year so it’s time to update to bigger and better supplies!  Maybe next year I can buy a triangle ruler! 😉

I also went on a goose chase and went to the local organic grocery store and didn’t see any quilts hanging up there.  I am sure I just missed them behind the bulk frankincense. 

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Here is the molecular structure of a chemical that is the main ingredient in frankincense.


 Image also courtesy of Wikipedia

***** distracted again *****

With my sewing purchases I made tomorrow my next uninterrupted sewing day instead of today.  Didn’t find stabilizer though (distracted). 

Shoulda went to the quilt shop today, but tomorrow is a sale so I am holding off purchasing stabilizer and a thimble until tomorrow. 

That means early tomorrow morning I’ll have to start cutting the fan bottoms and bias strips in preparation for machine applique.  Oh I can make some mock up fans as well (good idea I should have thought of that). 

I should also start working through an irish/american flag quilt for a family member for christmas.  Getting the colors right together could be a little challenging.

Looks like one last blast of winter tomorrow, which will be okay with me if I’m inside all snuggly sewing.  Take care everyone!


  1. Loved the podcast! And, I didn’t mean to be rude about mentioning the microbiology flashbacks 🙂

    The memories aren’t that bad!

    Thanks for telling us about Picnik, can’t wait to play with it. Hope you are enjoying your weekend…

  2. Hi Darla,

    Cool thread rack! I was looking at them today and wanting one for my new sewing space.

    Thank your for mentioning me in your podcast – it was a lovely surprise. 🙂

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