5.3 Slow quilting on National Quilting Day

March 21, 2010

I know I am a slow quilter.  I had a majority of the top of the fans done at the end of my day on Thursday.

When I took all day to do this and three out of four of them are not sewn down to the background, it makes me really notice how much I get distracted by bad tv shows and good movies playing in the background.

And here is the original photo that I took with poor lighting.

I just uploaded into flicker, edited photo with picnik, hit auto exposure button on Edit tab, then saved the picture.  Makes a world of difference!

Here is an upclose picture of the fan with the bias bar detail.  Only made 28 bias bars, each with Steam a Seam fusible web, that I used for the first time.  It is also my first machine applique project.

Only 3 more fans to sew down and all the bias to sew down.

And for something else:

An image I created with Flame

See you next week or so.


  1. The process of doing something you enjoy is the important thing to focus on. Finishing is nice, but secondary. Do you ever feel let down by finishing a really good book? I do. I wonder what can I read next that will be as good as what I just finished. I sometimes experience the same thing with a quilt I really enjoyed making. For me, the making is more important than having a finished project – most of the time. I’m currently working on a quilt that I am really looking forward to being done with, but this is not usual for me.

    • Lynn, I understand about the process, but I never finish anything! I hear about all these people who make quilts and finish in a week or so, and me, it takes me over a year to finish one. I DO really enjoy the process, but if I don’t at least consider finishing something then I will have the endless stack of UFO’s in the house. The quilt I was working on on National Quilting Day is getting closer and closer to being finished, with a good plan for the rest of the quilt top, but no quilting plan (as of yet), but I have a good idea on the binding. (I’m a little ahead of myself probably).

  2. I really like the image you created with Flame. Hope you tell us how you did it in the next podcast (if you already told us, I guess I need a refresher).

    • I just went to the flame website listed on the post debby. I just played around with the colors and settings. Maybe I’ll remember to talk a little bit about it in the next podcast.

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