5.5 Podcast 12 – Let’s meet under the Big Tent

March 28, 2010

Podcast Feed

Short podcast this week. Mainly for a large announcement.  No science or math this week, but something you might appreciate if you like the idea of community.

News under the Big Tent

The quilting podcasters are assembling under the Big Tent and we would like you to join us!

Thanks to Allison Rosen from Within a Quarter Inch for the idea of gathering all of us together in one place.  We can chat through the fourms, we can share photos and files, and announce events, and we can have our separate subgroups for each podcast.

The name of our Big Tent group is Quiltcast Supergroup.

Big Tent is just an online place to organize groups together. 

We can talk about podcast ideas, tips, projects, ask questions of each other, Big Tent helps to store the information in one place.

The group web address that you can sign up for our new Big Tent group is:


On the right should be a sign up / login widget for you to join up. 

If you’re unsure about what Big Tent is, check out this video from the BigTent group.  It may explain a few things if you’re just getting started.


If you have any questions about Big Tent, I’ll do my best to find out the answers for you.

We’ve got many different subgroups already set up and a few more may be coming soon!

Other Cool Things to Share

Ruthann saw this Spoonflower fabric and thought of me. It’s retro and all sciency.

Glass Menagerie

Follow the link and click on several other science fabrics. Yum!

Although I think my favorite is this one:

And here is some DNA fabric for the back of your new DNA Quilt:

DNA Stripes

Don’t Forget

Sign up for the Quiltcast Supergroup on Big Tent here

Check out the following links:

Vicki pointed out an artist Betty Busby who does amazing nature inspired quilts.  I saw enormous amounts of detailed quilting in sea life, and the amount of leaves on some of the trees – spectacular! Nothing generic about the flowers or fish here, it all looks incredibly authentic!

Bananabanana showed me a perfectly spherical chrocheted sphere from Craftster.  The maker MsPremiseConclusion used math and polar coordinates (sine of theta) to come up with the perfect number of stitches in each row.  She says in the post that the traditional way is easier though.

Check out new fonts at dafont.  I would excersise some caution in downloading fonts and do not take responsibility if you download a font that crashes your computer.  Not that it will happen, but, ya never know.

Intro music cut into the Big Tent section of the podcast by IMperfect title Circus Town found at Mevio’s Music Alley.

Thanks to my commenters

Peggi, Rachel, Lynn, Bananabanana, Debby, Carol, Jill, Robyn, Vicki, Lauretta, Timelady, Deb, to the other podcasters for putting up with my tons of e-mails and questions this past few weeks (see sidebar for all the links) and Annie Smith for mentioning me very favorably in her latest podcast!


  1. This podcast was the perfect length for me to listen to while driving home from work. By the way, I live in Japan in a fairly small city near Hiroshima. Listening to quilting podcasts makes my drive to and from work much more enjoyable THANKS

    • Oooh! I got goosebumps knowing that someone in Japan was listening to my podcast! I am glad you liked the length, I don’t know if I can shorten my other podcasts to that length again. I actually do usually edit myself at least ten minutes from what is actually recorded, and the podcasts still usually end up an hour long. I have been playing with the idea of changing formats or shortening them up, but I don’t know if that is something I am actually capable of on a regular basis. I completely understand how listening to podcasts makes the drive time so much better!

      Do you have access to any pictures of quilts that are of japanese style? Are they similar to styles in the US? I am curious to learn about other cultures even though I am sitting in land-locked Kansas of the US, and would love to hear more about the differences! Thanks for commenting Ethel!

  2. Hello, I am a quilter in my 60s and what is amazing to me is all the KNOWLEDGE the younger quilters ( YOU ) have about technology. I can turn my computer, email, I have EQ and I doodle around but I can not figure out how or what is needed for pod casting. I sometimes think I would like to do a pod cast but all the equipment and new software I would have to learn keeps me away. I hope under your BIG TENT you will have a section on technology how do actually do pod or video casting. I would love that.

    Keep up the good work.

    I listen to you in my car driving back and forth to work. I do not have a ipod but I learned how to down load your pod cast to my computer then burn them to disc… I may catch up to technology in this life time


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