5.6 Lookie at what I made!

April 4, 2010

I finally sat down and started playing with Chaos Pro fractal generating program. 

This thing has amazingly complicated capabilities, and it’s been interesting to try them out. 

I truely need a complete fractal refresher to completely appreciate the mathematics behind these designs.

This trumpet-like design was the first one I played with. 

It takes a while to figure out how to get the colors to stop, many times with this pattern I saw a wonderful design and color palette and it would keep generating to the next one. 

Persistance and tenacity prevailed and I used some of my ‘good experimentation techniques’ to try to figure out what each setting did. 

Sometimes I would see a lot of change, sometimes I wouldn’t see any.  So it goes with experiments.

I love the orange pop right next to the blue in this trumpet design. 

I really like how it transparently layers into itself, which may be hard to replicate with multiple pieces of fabric.

This one started as a blue / blue design.  I had it somewhat blue and red. 

It was on this image I started figuring out some more of the color choices I had available.  There is so many different types of options for even this design.

Couldn’t you see this as a fabric pattern?  Maybe I’ll have to give Spoonflower a try.

So far this bottom one is my absolute favorite.  It’s a seashell done as a plasma, to the side, but you can see the pinkish/purplish tint to the whole thing. 

I put this one as my computer background, but the original image I created was on the smaller pixel resolution size and to get it to look good, I have to tile it.  Which I don’t like.  

I could recreate this design (or something similar) with a larger pixel size.  We’ll see.

I seem to like the plasma (gives it a transparent like effect) when its applied to these shapes.  I wonder how they would quilt though.

NO episode this week.  Come see us on the Big Tent.  It’s been a lot of fun and a lot of activity.  And sign up for my Scientific Quilter Design group on flickr.

Oh yeah, one of my blogs that focuses on block & quilting design Wayne Kollinger’s Quilt Blog talked about using fibonacci to create quilt block sizes that he found from Virtual Quilter.  Sounds like I have another new blog to follow!

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