5.8 It’s On the WALL!

April 12, 2010

The quilt is (finally) hanging up on the wall.  What a difference this makes!  My first quilt is finally being ‘displayed’ instead of just draped over the keyboard. 

I feel this is another big first step to feeling like a ‘real quilter’.

If you’ll endulge a few moments of my blog lamenting for a while.  If you like the math, science stuff, skip this post and go to the next one (I hope!).


I still have ‘blog spring fever’ where I don’t update the blog a whole lot, I don’t comment a whole lot on other blogs, I haven’t done a podcast in a while. 

I look at my google reader and yes, right now it does feel like a chore to go through all the posts.  Yes you guys deserve more of my enthusiasm and joy and wonder and amazement, but right now, I’m still not feeling the ‘blog love.’  I am definitely in ‘blog like’, but not ‘blog love’ as much as I was. 

Don’t get me wrong, you guys are fantastic!

I so want to start up again.  I want to go back to commenting on every single comment I get on the blog, I want to start spending time researching topics that are interesting and intriguing and different.  I want to do so much, but I am holding myself back for a short while and I don’t understand exactly why. 

So I’m claiming it blog spring fever season.  Let’s hope I get some medicine soon!

Thanks for any replies over in big tent Quiltcast Supergroup (link is on the left on my blog) to any questions I have.  I know you’re listening and I am learning a lot by the questions I am asking there. 

This blog has been a ghost town for a few weeks now, and I don’t blame you.  It’s all my lack of drive and helpfulness and actual posting, and my lack of podcasts(!) and whatever else I bring to the table. 

Schedule looks a little rough for a while for true blue research, but I may get a chance to get next monday off work and if so, I’ll try to devote that time to you guys in a better way than I have been. 

I noticed that in my podcasts, when I do the preliminary section of the podcast, I ramble, and I think I am coherent because in my mind I’ve linked one idea I’ve talked about to another, but when I actually listen back (days later) I wonder if it is clear to everyone else – because of course everything is crystal clear to me when I am editing it as I go!  I think this is the area I have to ‘stay on topic more’.  But it’s my right brain taking over that section and being all conversational.

I think this is another one of those right brained-non-coherent posts where I am trying to say that my left brain doesn’t like that my right brain rambles, and then there is this weird brain battle in my head and …. Okay now I am being weird about this.

Thanks for listening to my thoughts today.


  1. Your quilt on the wall looks great! That pattern has always been a favorite of mine. It looks so nice in any color way.

  2. This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog. Check out the American Quilter’s Society blog at: http://www.aqsquiltnews.blogspot.com/

    Keep up the beautiful quilting!

  3. I lke the colors you used in the quilt and the star centers are interesting. It is a beautiful quilt.

  4. The quilt looks gorgeous! Now get outside and enjoy some spring!!! We’ll appreciate the podcast and updates whenever they arrive!

  5. Good job! The colors are beautiful!

  6. You guys are too kind! I am so glad that a few weeks ago I spent time getting this quilt on the wall, it makes me so happy to see it sitting there! Can you believe this was a) the first quilting project I ever did b) fabrics I bought at Walmart (I didn’t know better) c) I changed the suggested color from light blue to red and it makes a great amount of difference d) I was going to self bind this in the backing fabric but the red looks so much better!

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