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6.4 Sore throat

May 31, 2010

After a couple of weekend days outside cleaning out my shed and cleaning up my yard, yesterday afternoon I found I had a sore throat. This has continued into today, which was the day I was planning to record most of my podcast for you guys.

I barely feel like talking at home, and, really don’t feel like I want to chance speaking into a microphone for 30 minutes – I don’t want to make this worse.

I rarely get sick, and here it is – holiday weekend – and I will need the time resting up. Maybe I overdid it the first two days of the weekend?

On top of that, I left my camera at work over the weekend, and so I can’t even share with you the pictures of the tote bag that I made. Bummer!

Will try to finish this soon.


6.3 Podcast Preview – Stereotypes and Grouping

May 24, 2010

Getting the word out about my next podcast about stereotypes. 

Things have been crazy the past two weeks and so my research days turned into working days (or working on the totebag days).  All the effort I put into the totebag will be worth it when the recipient sees the bag!  I can’t wait!

I will get another podcast out sometime on memorial day weekend – working on it so far, have some recorded, but not all.

Before next weekend, I will ask, do any of you suffer from or experience quilting stereotypes?  Do you hear others group quilters into large categories?

Do you know about the average quilter and do you fit the average? 

Let me know through comment or e-mail by friday and I will synthesize your experiences into the podcast!


6.2 New Look and more Home Sewing Front

May 16, 2010

I updated the look of my blog this weekend so I can finally use the header that I designed 6 months ago.  It appears that everything took the transition well, so that’s happy.

I have all the sides of my tote bag for Brye’s swap quilted – including the lining sides, and two of the three pockets done.  Something doesn’t seem right with all the front pocket, but I made it according to the directions.  I think the design is intending a pocket flap for decoration rather than function, which seems weird to me.  Before I get the whole bag sewn together, I also want to put some beads on the front. 

This week is really crazy schedule again (as was last week) and all of my spare time has been eaten up with this tote bag – with little to no spare time to be found after work until friday – ack!  And I am working on Saturday.  And taking another day of little sleep in the middle of the week.

Again I have found the tiny house situation a problem for sewing.  Every time I sew I wake people up!  So I’ve had to sit and wait to get this done.  Yesterday morning I did more research for a podcast I hoped would be done today, but after looking at the calendar – and my progress – or lack thereof – on this tote bag – decided to go for the latter project.  So I relocated my sewing machine into my kitchen (which feels awkward) which I do think helped the sleeping situation around here.  Coming to the weird pocket decoration is a little awkward as well.

Don’t want to ruin any surprise for anyone (I am assuming someone may see this if I post too much), but I’ll post ONE picture of my tote bag in progress here.

Early stage of the tote bag to wet your appetite.

Where was the drill sergeant last week?  Where was he this morning?  I could have used a swift kick in the rear earlier last week to help me be up to speed.  I hope the post office mails this really quickly, but more importantly, I hope it gets done soon!

Image courtesy of wikipedia

(No disrepect meant to our men and women in the service.  Very proud of all you do for us!)


6.1 The Home Sewing Front

May 2, 2010

Here are pictures from the Home Sewing Front

Kelley from the Pioneer Quilter has issued a May Mayhem challenge which I am taking. Kelley wants us to quilt 15 minutes every day in May.

I had to practice for about a week to make sure I could discipline myself in quilting every day. Brye asked Kelley if we had to sew every day or we could double up one day instead. Kelley responded that she wasn’t going to sit in our living rooms, but progress was progress.

So I came up with the Drill Sergent idea:
“Okay you quilting scum. Get out the needle and give me fifteen stitches! Don’t even think about putting down that project, you still have 10 minutes left, you filthy maggots!”

Image courtesy of wikipedia

Here are my May Goals for May Mayhem (found in big tent Brye Lynn’s subgroup)

1) Finish the embroidery for quilt guild (two small 15 minute sessions should knock this out)
2) Complete the tote bag in time for the swap deadline
3) Finish fans on quilt, cut and applique corners down
4) Get an idea on quilting pattern for the fan quilt (perhaps trace it down & deciding backing fabric for it)
5) Cut out and finish one more applique piece for the sunflower quilt
6) Find another hand project for work (only if #5 is done).
7) Craft more podcasts in May than in April. Oops!

Guess What?  While waiting for Audacity and Podbean I found two sessions of 15 minutes in the past few days to finish goal #1!

Progress on April 24th

A couple of long sewing sessions – one watching television, and one sitting on my newly cleaned off porch got me mostly finished by yesterday afternoon.  Here is the finish!

Next project!


6.0 Podcast Episode 13 – LQS

May 2, 2010

Podcast Feed

Click on the Episode to listen to my Top 10 reasons for not posting.  As always, the home sewing front, notes about my commenters, and this week, the LQS.

Congratulations to the winner of the Moda Charm Pack Giveaway – Vicki.  Vicki has a pottery business and is enjoying her hobby of quilting. 

Vicki suggested that she could make a charity quilt with the moda charm pack, and even talked about mathematics in music in the comment. 

Her name was randomly drawn by my overly complex system and it happened to correspond to lucky number 13, which also happens to be the number for this podcast! 

And the Moda Charm Pack also happened to be titled Collection for a Cause, so it was very wonderful to see all the stars aligning for this one giveaway.

Here is a mouse’s eye quilted by Vicki.  Look at all the subtle shading and color variations and block shapes!


Typically the words LQS stand for (in the quilting world) Local Quilt Shop

But I can take that to mean Local Quilt Show, or even (though not correct exactly) Lawrence Quilt Show.

Yes, my friends, I finally got to attend a local quilt show put on in the city of Lawrence, KS (hence the Lawrence Quilt Show) by the Kaw Valley Quilter’s Guild.

Things to note about the show (or any show)

1.  Quilt Stories

Everyone has a story.  Quilts have a story, vendors have a story, quilt show audiences have a story.

2.  Confirmation

Seeing other people’s quilting and piecing ideas and techniques give you confirmation that you’re actually on the right track. 

You can see the quilts that people are drawn to, figure out what you like about it, and compare to your own quilting and piecing designs. 

If you can draw similar relationships in colors, spacing, piecing designs, color values, quilting techniques, you know you’re on the right track!

3.  Inspiration

You can borrow … err … be inspired by quilting designs, piecing designs, color combinations, new techniques to try.

4.  Innovation

Looking at the vendors, you want to try to buy things you wouldn’t be able to get elsewhere. 

This could be completed projects, specialty dyed fabrics, or services that you wouldn’t think of.


Specific Quilts referenced in the episode:

Red and Black Fans by Joyce Worgham Colton

 Close up of fans

 Sunbonnet Ladies by Margaret Barlow

Close up of sashing quilting.  Can I try something like this too?

Paula meets Karen by Sara Chappell

Each circle is highlighted by a small black fabric edge just under the piecing for the circle.  Subtle, but very effective!

Watermelon Vine by Ruth Powers

Lazy Afternoon by Ruth Powers

Bittersweet Memories by Ruth Powers

Up from the Ashes by Jane Buckley

These flowers are highly embroidered on the pieced fabrics.

Koi 1 by Jennifer Dixon-Perkins (hand painted)

Fairy Ferns by Cathy Audley (printed ferns on fabric)

The First Lady Iris by Cathy Audley (Iris hand batik) and Katherine’s Quilt by Jan Mastenthin

Out of Bounds by Barbara Brackman (soccer quilt)

Shadow-boxing with the QBC’s, Kaffe & Friends by Nan Doljac

Loaves and Fishes by Sara Chappell

William Morris goes Aussie by Carolyn More

Untitled by Carlotta Hemphill

Shelter in a Storm by Nan Doljac & KVQG members (I watched this get pieced together in rows at the sewing day!)


What Else?

A peek at a few more fractal pictures from the computer programs.

Made with Fractal Explorer  (this could make interesting fabric with spoonflower!)

Made with Fractal Explorer (my favorite image from the fractal programs)

Made with Fractal Explorer (this reminds me of a surreal sunset on the ocean behind trees)

Made with Fractal Explorer (love the spiral and bright colors near the spiral tip)

Beverly St Clair shared with me a pdf from a phD candidate from the Netherlands who also completed a DNA Quilt. 

The artist’s name is Marielle Otter and here is the pdf to share with you. 

I’d have to learn more science to know exactly what happens in a methylated DNA sequence.  I know that a methyl group is a carbon and hydrogens, so it likely is about a change to the DNA sequence.

Marielle’s DNA quilt (above) and explanation of the symbols (below)

Sally from Palofish Adventures in Fabric has shared some great show ideas and is willing to collaborate on a few upcoming projects.  Check out her blog and patterns!

Book Review – Get out your Retro Glasses!

I found a wonderful book Super Quilter II, which is a sequel written in 1983 (yes 83!) that is a wonderfully complex book with lots of diagrams and math and tables for advanced quilting techniques.  Love it from a mathematical background!

This is from the era pre-rotary cutters, and describes the idea of why templates are not the same thickness as your sewing lines (much like Brye’s quarter inch podcast episode, and Sarah’s Stash Resolution episode 4) and how to mark your sewing lines on the fabric. 

The original work by Carla Hassel You Can be a Super Quilter. I haven’t tried out, but here is the link for it on amazon anyway.

New Podcasts!

Quilting … for the Rest of Us by Sandy

Stash Resolution by Sarah

Special thanks to my commenters & correspondents

Ethel, Lynn, Lady Rags, Janet, Gretchen, Bonnie, KellyV, Sarah, Jill, Robyn, Sally, Vicki, Beverly, and all the Big Tent gang!

Additional Music for the Show by Mevio’s Music Alley by David Parker titled No Matter What