6.2 New Look and more Home Sewing Front

May 16, 2010

I updated the look of my blog this weekend so I can finally use the header that I designed 6 months ago.  It appears that everything took the transition well, so that’s happy.

I have all the sides of my tote bag for Brye’s swap quilted – including the lining sides, and two of the three pockets done.  Something doesn’t seem right with all the front pocket, but I made it according to the directions.  I think the design is intending a pocket flap for decoration rather than function, which seems weird to me.  Before I get the whole bag sewn together, I also want to put some beads on the front. 

This week is really crazy schedule again (as was last week) and all of my spare time has been eaten up with this tote bag – with little to no spare time to be found after work until friday – ack!  And I am working on Saturday.  And taking another day of little sleep in the middle of the week.

Again I have found the tiny house situation a problem for sewing.  Every time I sew I wake people up!  So I’ve had to sit and wait to get this done.  Yesterday morning I did more research for a podcast I hoped would be done today, but after looking at the calendar – and my progress – or lack thereof – on this tote bag – decided to go for the latter project.  So I relocated my sewing machine into my kitchen (which feels awkward) which I do think helped the sleeping situation around here.  Coming to the weird pocket decoration is a little awkward as well.

Don’t want to ruin any surprise for anyone (I am assuming someone may see this if I post too much), but I’ll post ONE picture of my tote bag in progress here.

Early stage of the tote bag to wet your appetite.

Where was the drill sergeant last week?  Where was he this morning?  I could have used a swift kick in the rear earlier last week to help me be up to speed.  I hope the post office mails this really quickly, but more importantly, I hope it gets done soon!

Image courtesy of wikipedia

(No disrepect meant to our men and women in the service.  Very proud of all you do for us!)


  1. I like your new format.

  2. Darla, the new mike sounds great and the blog header is super. I’m glad you have a new podcast and I liked your top 10 reasons—lol! jill953

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