6.3 Podcast Preview – Stereotypes and Grouping

May 24, 2010

Getting the word out about my next podcast about stereotypes. 

Things have been crazy the past two weeks and so my research days turned into working days (or working on the totebag days).  All the effort I put into the totebag will be worth it when the recipient sees the bag!  I can’t wait!

I will get another podcast out sometime on memorial day weekend – working on it so far, have some recorded, but not all.

Before next weekend, I will ask, do any of you suffer from or experience quilting stereotypes?  Do you hear others group quilters into large categories?

Do you know about the average quilter and do you fit the average? 

Let me know through comment or e-mail by friday and I will synthesize your experiences into the podcast!


  1. Good topic! I had to ponder this one for a bit. Yes, there’s definitely a stereotype about the relative age of quilters, and no, I don’t fit it, although creeping towards it rapidly! My BFF/BQF (Best Friend/Best Quilting Friend) started quilting in high school but didn’t tell any of us because she was afraid we’d tease her. Which we probably would have, sorry to say. But only in the most loving way!

    I have been thinking lately, though, of the stereotypes that we quilters have of one another–a little bit of a twist on your question. I’ve been reading a ton of quilting blogs and periodically run into judgements/stereotypes from one “school of quilting,” as it were, toward another. Traditionalists, versus Moderns, versus Art Quilters…and by the way, who gets to define all of those, anyway? I find myself thinking, “Can’t we all just get along?” And, to be fair, 95% of us do, and probably 75% of us spend time living in multiple categories. But there do seem to be some stereotypes out there regarding who is engaged in each style of quilting, what’s involved in each style of quilting, and so forth.

    Probably more of a response than you needed–but this has been in my thoughts a lot of late and you asked the right question to get me to vent! 🙂

    I can’t wait for this episode–I’m really looking forward to hearing the other responses you get!

  2. Are there stereotypes? Yes, there are, always. People make assumptions. It’s part of being a human; we ALL make assumptions. Have I ever suffered from the stereotypes? Not that I’ve noticed. The worst I’ve ever felt was a mild annoyance, but honestly, most of that kind of stuff just passes me by unnoticed. I don’t care what other people think all that much, and it has never stopped me from doing my crafts.

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