6.5 The Swap results

June 1, 2010

I was sooo excited today to get home and see my SASA in the mailbox!  That means that I received the totebag from the swap!

 First: The bag I made

Pattern: From Quilts Illustrated Designed by Penny Sturges ps016 Charm Party Tote

Any mistakes made by the tote bag were due to operator error (reading skills) and inexperience rather than the pattern.

 The tote and some in progress pictures

Charm pack front and back with outside pocket showing

Beaded detail on the corners

Quilting detail of the lining and lining fabric of the inner pocket

The outside and inside of the bag showing the inside pockets before it is pushed in and sewed down (my favorite photo of it)

The finished bag from the front

The inside of the bag I sent (even with an extra piece in the bottom for stability.

NOW the bag I received …

Machine appliqued!  And HUGE!

There is detail in the straps and around the outside of the applique, and binding on the top edge, and the colors look wonderful, and the bag will fit my major sewing items for guild!

The red and brown are wonderful compliments to each other, and the machine applique has a line of quilting on the outside, and she put her name in the bottom as a label (good idea).

I’ll have to show this off to the ladies at guild in a few weeks next Tuesday.  I hope it doesn’t rain because I walk and I wouldn’t want this getting wet.

The machine applique looks wonderful.  And it was reinforced on the top where the handles are put on, so I know it will be stable for taking with me.  The pattern is from American Patchwork and Quilting Feb 2010.

And I have a note in the bag.  Very sweet and special!



  1. Mine came today too! I don’t know who made it though, but I like it.

  2. […] a different fabric for the pockets from the sewing carryall, and my experience from making my tote bag, in addition to some blog post I saw about making a camera bag with a lens cap pocket, and created […]

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