6.6 Still froggy

June 6, 2010

I can’t shake this cold and still don’t sound (or feel) normal.  Last week was NOT a disaster at work, but it didn’t help that we were doing more work with less people during the week I was sick.  Should get back to bed soon to try to shake this today.

In honor of my froggy throat, I give you a picture from flickr:

Photo Creative Commons taken by Styg Nygaard

Have some stuff recorded that is already out-of-date, but I am still going to have to sit and wait for this to clear up, because I am not subjecting you to listening endless sniffling and/or stuffiness. 

In the meantime, check out the other quilty podcasts on my blogroll.  New episodes from Quilting for the Rest of Us and Off-Kilter Quilt like weekly.

I have been minding my time by making … da … da … da …. another totebag (for a gift).  Looks similar with the exception of several small details so far. 

Still need the quilt shop to be open on Sundays, but rather, I should be planning and sewing my projects on Friday afternoons instead of Saturday afternoons and that would be no problem.  Can’t I adjust everyone else to fit MY schedule instead of me planning better? Sheesh! 😉

Here’s hoping to some more rest and kicking this cold’s froggy face!

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