6.7 I caved in and purchased …

June 7, 2010


Oh and this month is going to be a great month because I caved in and purchased – EQ7!  Thanks to VirtualQuilter for continually showing what amazing things can be done with EQ6 or I never would have taken the plunge. 

Some great quilty experiments like Leah Day’s Free Motion Quilting Blog, Wayne Kollinger’s Quilt Blog, (I keep calling him Tuxedo Designs) and Virtual Quilter who just keep doing the same thing, day in and day out that forces them to push their creative boundaries, really tell  us a lot about the value of experimentation.  And now that someone else has come in and got us started, we can push off from where they leave us.

If I can take the above picture that I designed with just fractal explorer & picnik (from flickr), just imagine the possibilities with some actual quilting software!

One comment

  1. Darla,

    Thank you for linking me to high company …. and I want to call Wayne ‘Tux’, and Leah ‘Daisy’.

    I think you will enjoy EQ7, and look forawrd toseeing what you do with it, scietific or not!

    Judy B

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