6.9 Machine Quilter’s Showcase Pictures Part 2

June 9, 2010

… more quilt pictures from Machine Quilter’s Showcase.

7) Quilting depicting far off history. 

A midevil quilt with crests and dragons that has a similar monochromatic feel with tons of detail and contrast.

Some of the detailed quilting that makes this quilt.

High contrast and expressive borders makes me think of Egypt.

Speaking of Egypt, the Book of the Dead quilt depicts wonderful Egyptian writing and pictures.

 8) Getting over my “fear” of using orange.  Orange is the STAR in these quilts which were amazing.

These butterflies were large, you had a sense of being swallowed by them, but it was amazing.

An actual orange star set with aqua.  Also something to consider for color study.

9) Nature quilts that show wonderful scenes

Aztec (or maybe it’s Mayan?) inspired quilt.  Also could be considered a historical quilt.

A wonderful round quilt that makes you think of the desert.

An old and common scene showing the natural wear and tear of a door.  Love it

Detail of some of the bricks!

As a Kansan I am “duty-bound” to love sunflowers, and this offset version with the crazy blue background is amazing.  So picturesque!

This quilt has birds but are fractured, possibly showing movement or something about the artist and how they were feeling, or neither of these ideas.

… you want to see more? …


  1. […] for my quilting side -6.9 Machine Quilter’s Showcase Pictures Part 2 from the delightful Scientific Quilter, fantastic podcast and ideas on quilting AND science, […]

  2. I hope you feel better soon as I am looking forward to new pod cast. I would especially like to hear what you have to say about this Machine Quilters Quilt Show … the quilts look great.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  3. Are you feeling better? We hope so! Your photos are great and the comments that you add help to understand the quilt structure. I’m getting low on new podcasts, so I hope you’ll be putting up a new one soon, jill

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