7.0 Starting with an explanation

June 20, 2010

Why couldn’t there be 36 hours in a day, or why do we have to sleep a third of our life away?  There seems to never be enough time to get a new podcast up and get it done right.

A joy and a curse this weekend.

Joy – back to back scheduled sewing days with two different sets of people

Curse – less time to podcast & edit

I have an explanation of my absence recorded early yesterday (saturday) morning, and I just went through and took out some incoherent parts of it this morning, but I have to start getting on my way to my second sewing group here pretty soon.

It has been turning out that weekends are my only refuge from getting podcast work done – during the week I am exhausted and/or distracted.  I’ve been directing some of my weekday energy to the Big Tent group, but mostly feeling like going right to bed after I get home.  I know there are more hours in each day left over, but they never seem like enough to sit down and do anything.

There have been more than one attempt to start something, several recording sessions, and usually feelings of wanting to scrap everything and start over.  This usually happens when I have had a long day at work.

Next weekend I am hopeful to have a visit from my dad, and details are not worked out on that either (exactly what days & times he’s coming and staying), so the block of time next weekend I can devote to this  …  is farther away than I want.  I haven’t seen him for almost a year, so it’s time to devote some time to him.

I can try to edit more during the week, and perhaps I won’t feel so defeated and tired when I get home this coming week.  I wrote a half of a blog post, complete with pictures, word art, thoughts and bullet points, but as of the rerecording this morning – none of the written blog post for the podcast will match any of what I talk about, so an entirely new corresponding blog post must be written.  In addition to going back through my notes and e-mails and comments and at least thanking them on the air for taking the time to communicate with me … which is the least I could do if I haven’t the time or consideration to reply to their comments through e-mail.

We also ordered a new desk that is arriving midweek to replace the folding table that one of our computers has set on for the past 6 years.  I am usually the one who puts together furniture in the house, so that may take some time too.

Can you tell I feel stressed?  Can you tell I feel sorry for not posting?  Can you tell I’ve been thinking about you, and you, and you?  I hope so.

I promise I haven’t even touched EQ7 yet except for the half hour – hour I started looking at it, and the time trying to read the manual while I am at work on my lunch break (what fun, you’re saying… great lunch break activity).  I think I need my head reexamined because I doubt anyone else is doing this.

Happy father’s day everyone!


  1. Hi Darla,

    Just stopping by. I’ trying to devote the night to going down the list you created at BigTent with everyone’s links. You’ve really done a nice job over here particularly with the pictures and commentary. I like a blog with lots of pictures … and your arguing with yourself whether you are being a good quilter or a neglectful quilter is similar to other things I’ve heard. It seems like this quilting takes you like a serious bug, and is not apt to let go nicely – so if your not quilting you wish you were. I like to think everything I do – like looking at blogs ON Quilting counts as the doing quilting responsibilities. I enjoy your companionship through the podcasts and writing. Stay with it!

    Our best,
    Ann Marie

  2. JUST A QUESTION… are you no longer podcasting? I see the blogs and the questions but I miss your pod casts….


    • Finishing up the audio part of the episode now … need to rework blog post to match the final version of the episode. I had to spend some time this weekend with my dad and during the week has been hit or miss on the time getting to work on the podcast. Within the week one should be up. Sorry for your wait and thank you for being so kind to miss me! 🙂

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