7.3 Podcast 015 – Reflecting on Broken Dreams

July 15, 2010

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Another of the Self Reflection series of podcasts.

I have recently found some challenging examinations of a point in my life, and have been thinking about how much I have turned around from some of my dreams – ya know, the things that were once so important, and now are just a memory of what you wanted to do! 

If you don’t know what I mean, consider yourself lucky.

Afghan Dreams

I crocheted this afghan about ten years ago, wishing to create afghans for everyone.  How did that turn out?  I haven’t touched the ‘steel hooks’ for several years.

The Quilt University Dream

This is as far as I ever got on the fractal class.  Design phase only.  Might make a nice unique quilt.  But to do that, I have to actually ‘take the class’. 

Take a stitch on foil and all the other quilting directions.  I’d love to see the finished project, but first I have to start it.

The Career Dream

After muddling around as a youngster, I wanted to work with NASA.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Not as an Astronaut, but as someone at mission control.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

However, my most realized career dream is to work at a science museum.  Hasn’t happened yet. 

Do I give up on it or do I keep going for it, or do I change the dream to something similar, such as teaching science to unsuspecting quilters and crafters?

Thanks to (all) my commenter (s)

Rachel, Robyn, echo_quilter, ann marie

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  1. I think we all have some of those dreams long forgotten. Babies, divorce, teenagers and all of the things in between just seem to get in the way.
    If I could know what I know now and be 16 again, another path may have been followed.

    • You know, I would never dream of being 16 again, actually. It was a fun time, but not that fun, but different choices may have been made, and I may have a completely different life. A lot of things are different now than they were then, and it’s time to wonder if some things are universal choices, decisions, or desires, or if those were also influenced by other choices, desires or decisions and would the fundamental part of “being me” would be changed from that change of experience.

  2. Hi! I’ve been catching up on your podcast episodes and I am enjoying them. I am a new quilter too.
    I like your podcasts, mainly, because they have me thinking and I feel like I am learning something. Great sense of humor and music to go along with your stories.
    BTW, you should host a meditation podcast. Your voice is so relaxing! Keep the podcasts coming! Thank you!

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