7.6 Dresser Diaries – Part 2

August 2, 2010

So it took me a week to come back to this task, and I really shouldn’t post unless I am doing something exciting or creative, but in order to make progress on the details, first the base must be completed.

So two hours of CastOn later, and more painting on my porch, I got the black base paint for the four drawers of the dresser done.

Two hours for four drawers?  I never claimed to be fast, did I?  Anyway, I have been talking myself out of working on these during the week for whatever various reasons I cannot fathom.

If I haven’t mentioned my boxes problem has been solved – the boxes are outside empty on my porch.  My neighbors are already trying to figure out how to kill me, let’s just add some more incentive, shall we?

What’s weird is that as soon as the space cleared up in the living room from the boxes, then the dresser has been plopped right in the middle of the tiny house for a week.

Also still stalled is any quilting, but I did go back and get more done on my applique flower for my name tag (yeah the one I was working on in January), and during the bus trip to Lincoln (more on that later) I got some much needed organizing done on my embroidery floss.

It was already organized into my ‘box of floss’ like above, but now I am working on getting the floss around all the bobbins I bought several months ago (at the end of May Mayhem) so that I can work with it more easily.

This is all I did on the 3 hour trip (one way) in terms of furthering along my sewing.

I got a lot of progress done on this, so GO ME!  Will probably work on this after lunch at work today, it feels good to make some headway, even if it isn’t sewing exactly.

AND we had a GREAT time with several ladies from my quilt guild and surrounding area.  The guild website is here, and there are more pictures on the website.  Will update more on the trip later.

‘… You can never find any good crab fabric anywhere ….’

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