7.7 A Completely Dressed Dresser

August 9, 2010

Working on the rules podcast, getting a great amount of feedback (keep posting if you would like).  Cannot record until computer is reformatted (long techie story), & this reformatting thing hasn’t happened quite yet.

So in the mean time, what did I do in the blinding heat yesterday afternoon?  Get this monkey dresser off my back and get it finished.

Here is the dresser that arrived to my house about a month and a half ago:

And here is the completed project as of yesterday afternoon:

A few touch ups may be in order for the yellow bits to look smooth.  The painter’s tape worked rather well, but hey, you always need touch ups after painting.

Here is a close up of the top & handle:

I was originally intending a dark dark red and ‘gold’ (see post here  and here for details), but made a compromise. 

I painted the base and drawers a shiny semi-gloss black, and the red and gold yellow were just the paint tester colors because I didn’t need much of it. 

The vertical stripes save the piece, from having to redo it.  I had these pretty little red boxes with pretty little yellow ‘borders’ , which I really made too thick and to yellow for my taste.

On a whim, I mixed my red and my black (and was surprised to see how purple the mixed paint looked) and then started taping up the front of the dresser to give the dresser a modern feel.

I was going to go for another ‘ring’ of this dark black just inside the yellow, but something made me say ‘put the color over the yellow to help break up the yellow with your eyes’.  So that’s what I did. 

And for me, it works.  And it’s modern looking.

I was going to paint the handles gold, but the way it is now, I’m leaving it.  Now to find out how to rearrange my room to put the dresser in my room, and then I can put fabric in the dresser.

Maybe also a quilt design from this!?


  1. It turned out so nice! I really like the black vertical stripe.

  2. Hey Darla!

    Looking for your newest podcast … but I see you’ve instead taken on painting 🙂 This dresser looks beautiful. My first impression was that it was more oriental – like a strongbox. You’ve done a wonderful job with it and the pulls are fitting of the piece. Waiting to hear what’s up in the Darla world … more podcasting please!

    Our best,
    Ann Marie

  3. This looks amazing, Darla! Pat yourself on the back two or three times and tell yourself it is from me!

  4. It looks great! I would have just stained it brown and been done with it. Of course, what I actually did is nothing, and the dresser hold lots of sewing supplies and nobody really sees it.

    If you put fabric in the dresser, line it so the fabric doesn’t touch the wood. I keep getting told that the oils from the wood degrade the fabric.

    • muslin bottoms in the dresser, dresser now in my studio! Thanks for the reminder and the encouragement.

  5. Hey Darla, I’ve been listening to your podcasts and really enjoy them..had some time this morning and checked out your blog…the chest of drawers is awesome!!!!!!

    • Wow thanks. Chest of drawers is now in my sewing room with my cutting mat on top. Need to purchase a thin sturdy particle board that fits the size of my cutting mat to make it even more better! Take care!

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