7.9 Craftcation 2010 Results

August 29, 2010

Result from Craftcation 2010:

Podcast 16 completed, blog post done.

Ugly potholder made  and too thin binding created for said potholder.  Binding completed on pocket only and given up for the outside binding.  Good idea, ugly potholder (not right for me), need to start over and use a larger binding.

I finally pulled off the red pocket on this potholder, cut another larger binding that matches the outside, and struggled with getting the binding to match up on this small project.  I also sewed down the binding back by machine.

Finished the front of a complicated nametag.

Found extra binding that had complimentary colors to my nametag, then sewed the binding on said nametag.  Binding on something this small was a pain and I had to watch a binding tutorial several times and there was many instances of thrusting binding and resewing the top.  Currently binding pinned down ready to be sewn to the back, which is something to do at work after lunch.

Cut out a few series of 6 pentagons to create a small fabric ball, about hackysack size.  Will sew these pentagons down like grandma flower garden blocks.  Only three dimensional. 

Played a small amount of Super Mario Brothers 3 on my computer to take some screen shots for a new mario quilt.  Entire quilt not completely designed as of yet.  Found a place for super mario 3 sprites to download.

Here is a Mario 3 outline I created from one of the SMB3 Mario sprites.

Worked on super mario brothers 1 perler bead project.  This is the project worked on most of the time this craftcation.  Here is the progress so far.

Used photoshop and the grid functionality on photoshop to create accurate sprites for perler beads.  Currently waiting for more background peg boards for perler beads to continue.

The other major project catapulted one of my UFO’s into the forefront.  I prepped two different birds for appliqueing onto my daisy quilt. 

This involves:

  • copying the pattern
  • enlarging the pattern 121%
  • tracing the pattern onto paper to limit the number of pieces in the final project
  • numbering the pieces on the traced pattern
  • deciding which pieces would be on top
  • tracing the pattern onto freezer paper (at this point the pattern should have been reversed to get the correct orientation of the birds)
  • cutting out the freezer paper pieces
  • deciding on fabrics for the pieces
  • fusing the pieces onto fabric
  • taking off the fabric on several pieces
  • going to the quilt shop to get better fabrics
  • washing two loads of laundry to prewash the fabrics purchased
  • ironing the fabrics purchased
  • fusing the rest of the freezer paper pieces to the new fabrics
  • cutting the fabric pieces out
  • gluing all the edges down with elmer’s washable glue
  • putting the pieces of each bird into a baggie
  • putting all the fabrics (new and old) away

 Prepping for something this complicated sure was a lot of work!  It’ll be worth it though.

Completed the beginner class for EQ7.  Found out where my frustrations lie with the sketchbook.  Learned that there is a capability of color gradation between two colors or a color colors to grey that may be presented in the next EQ7 course.  Look at this amazing, concise handout I got with the class!  (not showing further details for teacher/blog privacy)

Also learned about some EQ7 features that I haven’t used yet, like premade layouts, and block symmetry for the entire quilt.  Also was reminded of a great suggestion on file managment for EQ7 files (and other files).

Watched the entire Harry Potter series of movies that has been produced so far.  Watched about 6 additional movies and several more TV programs.

Created a poorly constructed eyeglass case for my one dollar sunglasses.  Need to refine this.  Some of the construction problems were due to scrap size of the batting I had available.  I also tried a technique to narrow the bottom by sewing corners in before folding the case over, which resulted in a funny shaped bottom.  Also wrong, wrong bead for the clasp.  A thinner piece of elastic (I have some blue elastic around here somewhere!) would also be helpful with the closure.  But to protect 1 dollar sunglasses – sure thing.

Some colorful binding created for my black and white quilt.  Well the binding is cut and sewed together anyway.  Still need 11/12 border corner blocks to complete.  Found the blocks so I can be ready to sew them soon.

Started thinking about the next podcast, getting a blog post started for that.

Many many happy days crafting and thinking about crafting.  Happy trails!

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  1. These are all great projects. I love the name tag and the daisy quilt. Good job!

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