8.2 Consequences of Being Creative

September 26, 2010

Consequences does not always mean bad things, does it?

This time I won the jackpot!

… Okay I won the random drawing because I put my creativity to use and entered the creativity challenge on Quilting … for the Rest of Us podcast.

For information on my creativity process as read by Sandy, go to the following podcast In Which We Get Creative (Again) Audio or Video.

Earlier this week (last week) I received in the mail this wonderful package which will entirely force me to be creative again.

Don’t you just love Sandy’s card in the middle?  All about quilting for the rest of us.  So professional!

The little cone of red/blue americana fabric at the top was a little bonus.  For doing a podcast.

These fabrics are really going to stretch me because they seem to suggest (cone aside) a specific seasonal holiday. 

So, I am pondering what to do with these fabrics.  I am trying to reason through breaking them up or using them as a set. 

Or using the fabrics in one smaller project (or two) or putting them as smaller pieces in a larger project. 

The little face fabric is definitely my favorite of the four fat quarters.  A quick little fussy cut on it should be interesting. 

I am excited for thinking about the creativity challenge resulting project and as I come up with an answer I’ll keep you posted.

*** in other words ***

No machine piecing or podcasting this week. 

Not a ton of creativity yet, but last weekend with the camera bag was enough to sustain for a little while.

I did go out and buy a little fabric of my own however.

I’m absolutely in LOVE with the striped turquoise fabric near the middle.  I have been stalking the one fabric store for ‘fancy striped fabric’ to use for trims and such. 

I got way too little of the turquoise fabric, so I’ll have to go back and get more when I get back downtown.

I got a great tip for the mario quilt about using fusible grid fabric, but the only such fabric the one store had was on point, not what I wanted.

I can also see the green box fabric fitting in nicely with Sandy’s fabric, in addition the orange fabric or the green striped fabric in the back. 

I’ll have to see if that works.  I’ll let you know!

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