8.5 Home Sewing Front – After a year and a half, a top finish! PART 1

October 15, 2010

I started this quilt last April.  Well I started the blocks in April, worked on the middle portion of the quilt in the fall (of last year), and finally got the borders correctly sewn this spring/summer, and finished the border blocks this weekend.  I finally have a finished top as a result. 

Looking at the quilt the other day, after my finish, I came up with a little story about the finished quilt as well.

But first … some progress pictures …

The block from april that I found in the 1000 great quilt block book. I didn’t realize it was april, but that’s why you take pictures, to time stamp when you start quilts.

There is NO way to do this block without set in seams.  Luckily my Better Homes and Garden Complete Guide to Quilting had a reminder of how to create this block.  As you may be able to see, my block ends didn’t exactly match the size they were supposed to be.

So I made several of these last summer (of 09).  Very nice to see jumbled up.

For a while I played around with the setting of these blocks, even though I had a different original plan.

I used the back of my previously quilted quilt top to see if sashing was a good idea.

Then I used groups of blocks to see if ‘chunking’ was a good idea (not the ‘definition of chunking, but small groups).

This was to see if I could survive the high contrast without sashing.

Trying the on point setting.

And finally what should have been obvious from the start (this following pic done before sewing together).

I had found a fabric that I had liked enough to buy a yard of and I loved the rich dark color against the black and white.

You would think that this would scare me – the quilt wasn’t going to be on point exactly.  I was going to have to inset seams around every one of the squares. 

But if you think about it, each block had 8 inset seam areas, which made it harder than a traditional log cabin pattern anyway.

Determination kept me at the helm.  I became a master at flipping part of the design face up so that I could sew the one part of the inset seam that I wanted.

Exactly a year ago monday(!) the center of the quilt top was completely sewn together.

This is the way it stayed for a while.  Now I had a vision for a separate border, black and white thin striped.

I auditioned some other fabric behind this center to see if another color would look okay.  In the end I decided to buy more of the original purple blue.

I have had this post done this far since monday, but time this week has not been my own.  I’ll provide part 2 later … perhaps sunday.


  1. This looks great Darla! It’s one of those quilts that you stand back and think, “How did she do that?” … very striking!

  2. Great setting for the blocks …. worth waiting a year and a half for!

    Judy B

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  4. This is gorgeous! You are so creative!

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