8.8 Speed of podcasting – not an episode

October 24, 2010

The speed of my podcasting isn’t quite what I planned it to be. 

(Dang – watching 3 episodes of dancing with the stars, and two more other hour long shows, really did take time into my project today)

Have some of the episode recorded, have to do a lot of work, need to get the majority of it done (some of the how the ‘script’ goes is still formulating around in my head/blog), but the whole episode is in progress. 

For now, here’s a teaser picture of a tool I used to create (hopefully it recorded okay) a part of my podcast.

Yes, I realize I am not working on anyone else’s time-table but my own, but I wanted to share with you my bit of progress so far. 

It always feel weird to say I can post by the weekend, but it doesn’t happen in the time I expect. 

But like quilting, I do not rush these things. 

Like being a scientist, I have come to expect many trials and errors to get something right.

This isn’t a race … well not exactly … you’ll see what I mean (I think).

If I can’t get back to finish during this week, it may be a short while longer due to an amazing impromptu opportunity for me the following week!  (no it’s not going to market/festival, but it’s something I’ve never done before)

This is all for tonight.

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