9.0 The adventures of Darla – first retreat

November 18, 2010

Hey all

What I didn’t say in my last podcast was that I was going on my first ever quilting retreat.  I’ve been back for a week and some, but somewhat starting to get in the computer groove again.

Details?  You want details?

We drove past a really really long golf course.  Drove past these mountains.

Stopped at the quilt shop on the hill that had a really open classroom and a long arm in the front room.

Heard about another quilt shop a few miles away in this pretty town.

Said quilt shop was next to a cleaners who had spilled chemicals that morning, and said quilt shop in the middle of downtown area was closed (they were rumored to have batiks).

Drove past the (I think) original Walmart.

Drove past the windy road to Winslow to look at this view of the Boston mountains.

At a lovely bed and breakfast place (with cabins) that held a group of 17 quilters from a swap group I signed up for.

People brought to work with: 

  • their own sewing machine
  • a minibar to purchase items from (one person who comes works in a shop)
  • a bernina 830 with large embroidery module and a bazillion threads and embroidery patterns
  • a homemade ironing board which is fold over and accommodates the width of fabric
  • accuquilt GO with about 10 dyes
  • one sewing machine per person
  • many 30’s prints to make and swap apple cores
  • books, patterns, rulers, a project or two or three (or 6 if you’re me)
  • a few little thank you gifts for people
  • name tags
  • many stories to tell about family and friends
  • their aching backs, arms legs (there was a masseuse)
  • a love, liking, or general knowledge of their football team (well some of them did and I watched a half a game with them)
  • Kaffe Facett fabric and patterns
  • stars, Dr Seuss, circles, maple leafs, medallions, round robin quilts, baby blankets,
  • extra batting scraps, many mini irons, ironing boards, and personal sewing chairs
  • risers for the cutting table so we don’t ache our back while cutting and can keep the table in tact when we left
  • an appetite for coffee and three square, delicious, but simple meals a day
  • way way too many sweets & snacks to be eaten in the early hours of the morning when no one is there to stop me

While there I also tried to not check my e-mail too much (I did twice). 

While checking the first time, I got roped into a wild ‘goose chase’ to find a fabric store in the woods.  Nothing too elaborate, but the way there was almost kinda lost.  And this quilt shop is IN the woods on the gravel road at the end of a highway.

 Inside of this quilt shop was very small, but very quaint.  Charming, and unconventional.

I got to be an early bird there and got into the rhythm after the first full day there.  Saw many sunrises over the mountains (even blurry ones).

 We even got serenaded (unintentionally) by a young gentleman who lived at the B&B who was still learning the piece, but still had good rhythm and flow and sound.

That’s all for now.  Hope you enjoy!  Will update more on velocity of quilting and the projects of the retreat later.


  1. Sound like you had fun… Can hardly wait until you podcast about it in the future… I am jealous.

  2. Aren’t retreats fabulous? Sounds like your retreat was a fairly long one. I attend a 3 day quilting retreat once a year at a retreat site in the Southern Black Hills. I look forward to this weekend event and plan what I want to take to work on while at the event. It sounds like the retreat is set up along the lines of the one you attended. Looking forward to your podcast when you talk about your time at your retreat.

  3. Working on it ladies. Got a good rough draft of the ‘meat and potatoes’ of the podcast done, but then today was looking for a gift for someone. Sounding a little dry, will listen to it in full before unleashing it on you guys. And I haven’t recorded the retreat part of it yet.

  4. […] had a blast at my very first quilting retreat lately.  I have been tearing it up getting a lot of quilting projects nearer to […]

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