9.1 Home Sewing Front – Quilt Top Finishes

November 24, 2010

Working on my next podcast.  It still has a few issues, so to keep in touch with you, I wanted to share my quilt top (and back) finishes from the retreat with you.

A grey Sunday morning provided me an inspiration to show you my quilt tops outside.   I used quilting books for weights and hung them as well as I could.  Neighbors saw and probably shook their heads at me.


Hurricane Tracking Front

 Here is the Hurricane Tracking quilt from my porch. 


Standing back and looking at this quilt for the first time really ever from a distance I noticed something pointed out to me a month ago.  It’s square. 

Right now I am trying to figure out if square = good for this quilt. 

If square does not equal good, then I have to cut down on each side of the floating setting quadrilaterals.  From this picture, it would be cutting out the top and bottom.

I always knew the design would look slanted to the left even though the quilt was meticulously measured.  I am not worried about the perceived slant.  But the squareness isn’t as appealing as I thought it was on the floor of my tiny house.

The perceived slant has to do with the design being set-in all over the place, and how the blocks come together and don’t meet on the corners.

This quilt I was going to baste and quilt during the retreat, but not finding the best large space in the world, I decided against basting the quilt while I was there.  (Although the day I first went to baste this, I found taking a nap the best use of my time that day, and it was!)

Hurricane Tracking Back

So here is the back of the quilt which I worked on the first day I was at the retreat.  

No one got to see this back because as soon as it was finished, I ran down to my room to baste my quilt to the top and then left it in my room for the remainder of the retreat.

The top of this picture also has black corners, so the black is in all four corners.  I ran out of the funky background.

After making this back, I was more in love with the larger version of this block than the shorter one. 

Maybe I’ll make a small wallhanging consisting of just one of these large blocks.  Or a square table runner.

These were the strips I was sewing for my velocity experiment live.  See it didn’t hurt anything in the end to time myself.

I designed the back while at the retreat with good old pen, graph paper, and math.  I am hoping that one of the black areas I can put my quilt label on over top of it.

Patio Dreams (still working on the title here – maybe Patio Flowerpots)

Here is my sunflower/daisy/black-eyed susan quilt.

This quilt I was working on when I disappeared during the retreat to go watch my football game.  I had used the freezer paper / washable glue / hand applique technique. 

The friday of the retreat I soaked this in room temperature water and then took a towel and soaked up the water as much as possible.  Then let it dry overnight so it would be available to work on on saturday. 

I did have to sew some part of the applique I didn’t actually have sewn down at the retreat. 

Then during the game I was watching, I took a pair of sharp, small embroidery scissors. 

With the scissors, I cut out the back of each applique piece and took my tweezers and removed all the paper.  It was like having a hand project without doing anything new to it. 

This piece looked the same before and after the retreat.  Except the top.

I put this on the design wall and tried to see where I wanted to cut off the edges of this quilt.  I had decided against the “asymmetrical” look I had originally had. 

I planned to keep a little more of the top, but when I went to cut, the position and space I was giving myself wasn’t sturdy enough.  

Instead of putting the ruler over the quilt and cutting above, I thought I should put the ruler on the top and cut below.  Right into the top of my quilt. 

I was amazed when someone else asked if I was going to bind the blue area with blue and the brown area with brown.  Because that’s what I was thinking myself.

But someone else suggested to bind with black, and I haven’t ruled that out yet as a possibility.

Suggestion for quilting this from retreat mates: diamond hatching, either straight or slanted

Fans and Bows (formerly purina dog chow quilt)

For this quilt, I just needed the corners completed.  I was originally going to put full fans in the corners.

The fan pattern I have is oo big to not overlap the corners with the one block in the corner.

Then I had this idea to not do a full fan because it reminds me of a ribbon bow when you put the red in the borders with it.  Also a little white in the corners is good.

If I wanted to be ambitious, I could set this small quilt as a medallion for a larger quilt, but this one I am calling quits now. 

I have some quilting ideas but haven’t decided on the backing fabric yet.


  1. Hey Darla, the quilts are beautiful. I especially love the Patio Dreams one. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Beautiful quilts! Love the hurricane quilt and the back is beautiful.

  3. I love the Hurricane Tracks quilt – especially the cornerstones. I think it looks fine square.

  4. Been following your pics on flicker and I so totally blown away… especially by the blue and white quilt. AWESOME and I love the process pictures from concept to completion….. Highlights the work you put into it.

    Happy Quilting…
    Have fun on BLACK FRIDAY

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