9.3 SQ Podcast Episode 020 – The Seinfeld Episode

December 9, 2010

Podcast Feed

I finally found the courage this holiday season to talk about my mother passing away and some of my recent struggles to deal with it.  No quilting in this episode.  Not really.

I calmly have several memories of my mother – or more appropriately – “MOOO-OOM”.  Freeform, conversational style, complete with full songs. 

Most importantly, the quote of the year ahead.

 This episode is celebrating my one year of podcasting, but more importantly, touches on my personal life journey missing and sharing the legacy of my mother.

 Additional Music by Mevio’s Music Alley

Don’t forget to participate in the Great Velocity Experiment!  Post your results on the page on Quilting Speed.


  1. I enjoyed this podcast. I hope you’ll consider this: I am a stay at home Mom by choice. I enjoy what I do for others and I’ve learned to also do for myself. None of it is a sacrifice. Maybe your Mom felt the same way overall. Keep up the podcast. Tami in Denver

    • Tami, I am sure the staying at home part was completely not a sacrifice, that was just a part of her. I am so glad you are able to do that for your family! It isn’t always easy, financially, but in the end it is worth it (even if I didn’t always think so at the time). Such comfort in knowing someone is always there, always around.

  2. I also lost my Mom, about four and a half years ago. It has taken a really long time to get used to not having her to call on – I’m almost there, but sometimes I forget. No one else loves me the way my mother did, so that is a pretty big hole. She gave me a lot of great gifts of time, memories and love, that I use everyday, so I often think of her. Our extended family dynamics have changed, too. She was the center of any gathering, so we still have to figure out how to keep meeting up without her there – sometimes it doesn’t happen. But we keep trying to make it happen, because one of her gifts is the rest of us to each other. My Mom was very crafty, and I think of her often, anytime I am crafting. I sure miss her when I need a seam ripped or a knitting stitch fixed – she was the expert! I know she would love to see any project I am working on, and in that way, I feel her presence. Good luck, and thanks for sharing your story on your podcast!

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