9.6 Red What is that thing?

December 18, 2010

I am not planning on doing this all the time, but when I saw two of my blog followers do the foto finish last week and I saw that this week is red, I immediately had an idea for what to fotograph for it.

I love the shadows and texture of this object although I haven’t actually ‘used it’ for it’s purpose.

The blog Cat Patches Foto Finish says something about only having one picture, but this fotographed so unusually, I wanted to share two, although the first is my ‘official entry’.

I DO know what it is, but do you?

I had fun looking at an ordinary object in unordinary ways.


  1. Oh great! I’m so glad you joined us. BTW, two images is fine. I just didn’t want people to post an entire album, making it difficult to decide which image they wanted us to look at. I’m guessing this is some sort of brush, or my second choice is a pot scrubber of some kind. I imagine I’m way off. Thanks for stopping by my blog and playing Foto Finish.

  2. Is it something to drain dishes on? It doesn’t have holes, so wouldn’t do a great job. But it looks like it is supposed to be protective.

  3. Is it one of those silicone thingies that you use to place your iron on? It is suppose to be heat resistant so you can place your hot iron on it and not burn your ironing board cover- no, I’ve never done that 😉

    • Ding ding ding! Jane is right. I’ve never done that either, but my ironing board DID get a new handmade cover recently.

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