10.1 Apparently, popularity isn’t for me

January 2, 2011


I didn’t get finished on my quilt as you go.  Yet.

Been stalled because I was just short of scrap batting for the borders that I am dedicated to finishing.

I purposely bought a batting that I didn’t have a purpose for, that I PLANNED on cutting up and using for smaller projects and I STILL can’t cut it down for two small borders.

Does this ever happen to you?  “Can’t Cut it Syndrome”


And yesterday, I was reminded of “my” unpopularity.  Follow me, this is not a pity party at all.

Every year around the new year, just to be curious, I look up the ‘most popular baby names’ for the previous year.

NO REASON.  (Let’s get that straight)

And a baby name list for 2010 provides many names that I didn’t remember seeing when I was attending school.

So for curiosity sake, I had to realize what I already knew:

Darla isn’t a popular name. 😦

Currently 2284 on this website. 

Is this a good thing, or a bad thing?


  1. No one ‘accidentally calls your name and refers to someone else.
    • Actually, this has happened in the last year, I have met … myself … actually not myself.
    • Which has lead to me turning around at work because, I’m still not used to knowing another ‘me’ (Darla).
  2. You develop a sense of self that isn’t tied to anyone else around you.
  3. There is a feeling of creativity that happens when you have a unique name, you tend to think of things uniquely (well actually not that often)
  4. Being popular isn’t always good.
  5. You never have to have a last initial behind your name in school because of someone else in your class.
  6. You can post your first name on people’s websites and people usually “know who you are” and aren’t normally confused with other people.


  1. You can’t find your name in premade licence plates / trinkets / mugs.
    • Actually this is very bad because you start pining around looking for this stuff as a kid, which makes you crave it all that much more.
    • You end up with one thing with your name on it (mug) that you can’t bear to throw out, even if you don’t ever use the mug anymore and it doesn’t fit with your decor.
  2. When you do actually hear derivations of your name, you are constantly correcting (or trying to correct) because you think, hey maybe they actually meant Darla and not Darlene.
    • Which has happened.  During a quilting class.  Sigh.
  3. You realize that you’re not popular.  In name sake.
    • So then you spend your entire new years day looking up other baby names, finding out what’s popular, what’s not.  Looking up names of friends and family, seeing how popular the names have been in history ….
  4. When you actually do meet the person with the same name, you are completely weirded out.
  5. When there is ONE character on a movie / television show that has your name, that is the only thing you can associate with.  So I get to have “Dear Darla, I hate your stinking guts.” by Alphalpha in my head.  Cute though, because they’re kids. And because he doesn’t hate her stinking guts.

Trouble is that once I get down a path, it takes me farther into the rabbit hole.

So thinking about names took up my entire day yesterday, and my computer time today took me down the ‘lets download too many fonts path’ to write up a blog post about names.

Which makes me wonder why I am not a graphic designer because Photoshop and me (except for the paths thing I never really figured out) have a pretty good time sometimes.


But at the same time, I HAVE noticed:

Many quilters have the same name!  Names that I haven’t heard much in other life. Some examples:

Deb, Debby, Robin, Robyn, Nan, Nann, Sandy, Sandi, Anne, Annie …

Has anyone else noticed this?


  1. Well, I spent years being the only Pam around. And then, when I got married, my husband has a brother who also married a Pam, and lo and behold now there are two of us with the same first name/last name combo. Christmas gets confusing when we’re trying to get presents to the right Pam.

    The heights of popularity for my name are due to Dallas (the show, not the city!) and The Office. Otherwise, I’ve been okay with having an relatively unpopular name.

    In my college career, I roomed with 3 different Jennifers. Sheesh.

  2. I’m 680 on the list. I know what you mean about never finding items with your name on them. I did find them for me when I was a kid, but I named my daughter Meaghan (note the spelling) and we have only ever found one thing with that spelling. I still like the way we spelled it, though.

    Another advantage of an unusual name is that when you sign up for a website, like seamedup, you can use your actual name.

    My best friend in high school and university was also named Colleen. That used to cause confusion. One guy asked us if we were sisters!

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