10.3 Wasted

January 5, 2011

Yeterday my day was wasted.  Almost.

I am still suffering from ‘can’t cut it syndrome’ (in reference to my extra batting). 

I am thinking that it might be more helpful if I go get some batting cut off the bolt for the quilt as you go project and then save the large prepackaged/sized batting (that I can’t cut) for a larger project.

Monday after work, when I saw the butterfly yellow quilt idea, I spent time listening to a podcast that wasn’t it’s normal podcast, but yet it was, Stitching n Junk’s Stitching N Pants episode.

And while doing that, I traced onto my steam a seam all the yellow bits, then ironed onto yellow fabric and cut them out (that’s a lot).

Then I spent about an hour on photoshop getting all the butterfly selected from the background. And printed it onto regular paper.

And then on Monday I selected some of my yellow fabrics for background.

So really the only quilty thing I did yesterday (or anything), was to cut these yellows into strips.  Headache wiped out any productive time other than this!

And then this morning I noticed one more ‘unironed’ fabric that I need to include in my strips.

How do you pass this guy up?  You don’t.

I am going to use quiltville’s striptwist blocks as a background for this mini quilt. Shouldn’t take many blocks for something this ‘small’. 

At least it is bigger than my nametag!

Here’s hoping for a headache free day after work so I can get even more done!

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