10.4 Extended

January 6, 2011

I have received one more participant in the velocity experiment, and an e-mail/post that one other person really wants to participate, but can’t seem to set up start/stop timer! 

I guess the sewing part is just TOO MUCH FUN!

But, due to the holidays, I can ‘extend the giveaway’ for the velocity experiment.  (aka what is your quilting speed?)

What is that?  Just check out my two episodes part 1, part 2, or my velocity page

This experiment is no way over after the giveaway, so if you’re just waiting for that to end, before you participate, please feel free!

Sew 1 strip, or many strips, measure how long (distance) you sew (works really well if you’re piecing something), and set a timer for yourself, then send me the information!

Giveaway ends January 10th (not much of an extension, but it gives you the weekend!

Hope to hear from you soon!

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