10.5 Lucky or Guilty?

January 7, 2011

A few days ago, I went out to buy ‘batting off a roll’ for my Quilt as you Go project and off I ran to a fabric store …

or 4. 

1st to a place downtown that has cute little rolls of fabrics in fat quarter and fat eight sizes.

2nd to a place across the street to get some more of the one fabric I wanted to make a purse out of for myself. 

They didn’t have the fabric (of course), so I had to go for something else (or 5 something elses).

3rd to goodwill where I scored these sheets, fabric I just love!

Also scored this handbag, which I will totally steal the front hardware off of.

4th to a chain store to buy batting off the roll.

… and that was ALL at the 4th store. 

Feeling guilty about all the quilty fabrics when I already have a lot here. 

Including what came in the mail the other day from fellow podcaster Jackie at CVQuiltWorks.

My first Kona solids!

I haven’t used the pinked edges before, I am not sure how to measure the seam allowances accurately.  I am sure I’ll figure it out.

Maybe I should feel lucky instead of feeling guilty. 

But I have spent enough on fabric in the last week enough to replace this desk (or replace half this desk) … which is desparately needed because the desk is … oh … about 12 years old and a college student desk.

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