10.6 Trust me

January 8, 2011

… It’s time.  Past time.

For a podcast.

But you’re not getting one.  Not yet. 

… and Trust me.  You don’t want one.  Not yet.

A shift at work has suddenly (okay since just before Christmas) has left me with a very sharp drop in my already small amount of confidence.

Don’t worry I still have the same job I had last year, and don’t worry I have no doubt the company – department is okay.

And I didn’t make any huge mistake causing me to be under any kind of probation or anything.

Things have been shifting around me there, causing the rug to feel pulled out from under my feet. 

I am sure that in time, things will smooth out, but for now, the wrinkles have been hitting me harder than it should be. 

Anything I verbally produce – at this time – will seem like more of a whine fest – at least for the moment.

Also leaves me feeling slightly mopey, and completely unmotivated to do pretty much anything other than

  • look at pretty internet pictures of quilts and quilt projects on flickr
  • play around with photoshop and all the pretty new fonts
  • spend money that I really don’t have, but pretend I do
  • play Farmville to ridiculous amounts of addictiveness
  • and watch mindless television which everything makes me cry
  • think about my new yellow butterfly wallhanging in the making
  • worry about the upcoming trip to see family

Just wanted to let you know.

… Trust me, I realize I haven’t been there.  Thank you for sticking with me.

For now, I’ve been coping by spamming you all with almost daily blog posts. 

It sure is nice to see people stop by the blog so fervently lately! 

Actually, it’s been a LOT of FUN and I’m glad to be doing it!  Perhaps I’ll stick with it?

Perhaps I can finish my QAYG tutorial this weekend and post tomorrow over it? 

Or if not, maybe I’ll work on my butterfly some more.  

In either case, let’s try to meet up here again tomorrow with some quilty pictures of progress!

Here’s to that small goal!


  1. Here’s to a good weekend of sewing. May it relax and re-energize you.

    I love that stack of fabrics – the colours are beautiful.

  2. Relax…..sew…..enjoy…don’t worry about us…we’ll still be here when you’re feeling more up to podcasting. In the mean time, I’m enjoying the blog posts.

    Chester NY

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