10.7 Refresh, relax, restart, reset

January 9, 2011

Today has been so much better.  (that picture above was taken in July – an absolute MUST to help with relaxing on one of our first snow days)

Probably because I got a few chores done right away. Probably because I didn’t go to work and start doubting myself again.

This probably doesn’t make a lot of sense to a lot of you, because you’re (and me too) thinking, ‘why did doing chores make you feel better?’

Wouldn’t sewing do that?

… it does … sorta …

But for me, it all starts off to a great start when I can refresh my surroundings.

Gives them a new look.  A starting off point.  A feeling of accomplishment.

I am finding routines that, once in place, can set off a good chain reaction.

… and it gets me OFF the computer … my main distraction from sewing. 

I did clean up the floor in my kitchen, which is something that doesn’t get done very often.

But because I did this, I was able to baste my Sunflower Patio Dreams quilt. 

I spray basted on the floor, and while I was there, I marked the quilt with the quilting lines. 

I am so excited to keep furthering along my projects!  Even if it means a lack of focus on a particular project.  Starting on one project, going to the next.

I did cut out the batting for the purple QAYG borders, but the backing fabric I was using, I ran out of … so I switched projects. To the oven mitts. 

Then later to the sunflower quilt.

… And I will get back to my QAYG project after I get a chance to restart.  Once I figure out what fabric I want to use to supplement and how I can jump back on it.

Yesterday, I was also blessed with the chance to relax by ‘going out to eat’ and then going shopping for half price books.  Always a plus.

This helps take the mind off of the work frustrations, gives me a sense of energy, instead of the constant negative feelings that were swirling around yesterday all day.

 I feel like I can reset my crititcal attitude after today.  Out of all the changes going on, it has been my attitude which has been making me the most frustrated. 

I realize that I am in charge of my attitude, even though lately, it feels like it has run away from me. 

Last night it snowed and it was nice to sit and listen to music / phone call … and I worked on sewing lines for my new hand piecing project.

Actually I have two hand piecing projects, one of which I actually found again.  I’ll have to tell you the story of the next project a tiny bit later. 

In the meantime, don’t you think the ‘undisclosed possible image of what could be a licensed character tracing from a coloring book onto fabric’ is kinda cute?

…. In summary …

With time, I will be able to work through the changes, take a few deep breaths, think about what’s important about my character traits, and reset my thinking about myself.

… again …

With the help of refresh, relax, restart, and reset.


  1. Love your sunflower quilt! Is it your own design?

    • The main sunflower and leaves started with a small applique pattern (2 daisies and a closed bud) I multiplied, maniupulated in photoshop with resized petals and leaves and drew the other sunflower petals and leaves. I did draft the flower pots all by myself, but the birds are from an applique birds book. I added one of the feathers on one of the birds that the color didn’t look quite right.
      So yes, and no. I also did the floor myself. Quilting pattern suggested by retreat friend and I really like the effect after seeing the lines drawn on the quilt.

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