10.10 At least I am making Progress

January 12, 2011


Making Progress.

While I have a constant annoying lack of focus, at least I am making progress.

Weather or not I continue with this belief in the future … if I even remember it 6 months down the line … I currently am happy with this as a ‘central focusing word of the year type thing that everyone else is doing’.

I was thinking about how I focus, or rather, how I don’t focus. At first I annoyed myself at my lack of focus, but I shifted my thinking, leading to feeling more satisfied with my work.

I am making progress.

I make progress when I pick up my new hand piecing project and work on it after spontaneously deciding to watch tv.  Even if I only sewed 3 block pieces down, it was 3 block pieces more than yesterday.

That’s progress.

I make progress when one day I cut strips, another day I rearrange strips, photographing them in black and white, a third day I sew strips together, a fourth day I cut the blocks down to size.

That’s progress.

I make progress when I work on one block at a time, then later, sew blocks together, then later, get the batting I need, then later, cut and sew the backing on the borders., then later, spray baste the set together.

That’s progress.

And now all three of these projects are further along than they were a week ago.  That’s progress.

And the progress is making me happy!

Something to celebrate!


  1. This is very poetic and PERFECT!

  2. I may just steal your word of the year. Progress! I like the sound of it & I really like your description of it.

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