10.11 Focus, or lack thereof

January 14, 2011

A question was posed recently about focus.  How do you stay focused?

The answer.

I don’t.

The ways that I am much more likely to stay focused:

  1. Things are cleaned up around me.  If the room is straightened up I can remain focused on what I am doing.
  2. I have one thought or idea generate another.  If I stay looking or working on a piece for a while, I could sit and think: what does this want? 
  3. Having a large repitoire of ideas that I’ve seen other quilters do.  Looking back through my pictures that I download to use as inspiration can mean that my subconsious can draw upon really helps step #2
  4. Having a goal.  This one is much less likely to happen actually because I don’t publically state (or even formulate) goals.  I usually don’t have a goal of I must finish this project, but I occasionally have a more open ended goal, such as, I must work on my projects for sometime today, or I must first work on my errands, then when they are complete, I can work on this new project.  This helps.
  5. Trying to post progress pictures, think about progress, give myself permission to make some progress.
  6. Creating a routine that helps me stay focused.
  7. Setting a timer, or having a specific challenge to meet like Kelley’s May Meyham. (please continue to do this)
  8. Load my iPod up with things to listen to while I am focused.  This may be counter intuitive to those who are not podcast-initiated, but getting the ipod loaded with podcasts, really does help me stay focused on a task, if it is a routine task that I don’t want to do – ie dishes, or a great task that is a lot of fun to do – ie paint my dresser.  Problem with loading up the ipod is to stay disiplined enough to only be on the computer long enough to download onto my iPod.

This is starting to make sense.  Why people do things repetitively, why people create routines, why people keep practicing their ideas.

We’re all testing the waters, to see what works and what doesnt.

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